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Celebrity Home Design

Happy Monday!! Hope everyone is having a great day!

Celebrity Home Design highlighting Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s summer home designed for “comfort” in Bridgehampton NY.

Personal style abounds from their comfortably stylish home in Bridgehampton. Designed by long time friend Eric Hughes their goal was “comfort, comfort, comfort”.

Celebrity Home Design
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick “The Comfort Factor” from by Stacie Stukin Photography by William Waldron.

Enjoy this beautiful home beaming with personal style, ease and comfort.

My take away is the use of white ~ notice how white is a key player in each of the rooms.

    The white backdrop allows this seating area to create a moment within the space.

Celebrity Home Design
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick “The Comfort Factor” from by Stacie Stukin Photography by William Waldron.

    In the Kitchen the bold red cabinetry pops against the white walls and black + white floor.

Celebrity Home Design
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick “The Comfort Factor” from by Stacie Stukin Photography by William Waldron.

    In the Dining room I love the black + white scheme carefully designed but at the same time carefree and easy in spirit all centered around a custom table and an amazing turquoise chandelier. I love the touches of kelly green too.

I think this is a great idea! A miss-matched set of chairs painted all black with black upholstered slip seats. So brilliant, just love it.

Celebrity Home Design
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick “The Comfort Factor” from by Stacie Stukin Photography by William Waldron.

    In this Guest Room, white soothes the space and at the same time supports the colorful fabrics and accessories.

Celebrity Home Design
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick “The Comfort Factor” from by Stacie Stukin Photography by William Waldron.

Enjoy your day … make it a great week!
be happy + be comfortable in your home ~ Nancy

2015/16 Color Palettes

It’s Friday … hope you all have a great day!

Pantone 2015/16 Color Palettes …
remember~ home fashion follows runway fashion.
Here we see a new player but an old favorite updated and fresh … Olive.

Below are newly released color palettes from The Pantone Color Institute for 2015/16.

Global Color
From Pantone Color Institute. Color Trends for 2015/2016.

The Two Collections above, described by Pantone ~

    “Foggy pinks mix and mingle with warm greys. A touch of metallic adds shine and contrast”
    “Dreamy celadons blur with ochres and pale olive for an earthy mix of transient hues.”

Grey is still a strong player in the Foggy palette, from pale gray to deep graphite.
While olive is the clear cornerstone within the Blurred palette.

These two deep rich tones support the new dreamy rich and complex hues of pink, celadon and ochre.

The earthy sophisticated tones of olive create a subtle richness for other colors to take center stage.

Below is the Ralph Lauren RTW Runway for Spring 2015. Visit the link below for the full show it will take your breath away.

2015/16 Color Trends
From Ralph Lauren RTW Spring 2015, 2015/16 Color Trends

How will you incorporate Olive tones into your home??? Or will you??
I’ll leave you with this accent chair from a post of mine earlier this year.

FEBRUARY'S MOST-WANTED HOME FURNISHINGS AND ACCESSORIES. Councill’s Palladian chair in lush citrine velvet. AD editors select their must-have items, from simple pleasures to ultimate luxuries. Architectural Digest. Text by Stephanie Schomer | Produced by Parker Bowie Larson | Photography by Geoffrey Sokol.
Councill’s Palladian chair in lush citrine velvet.
AD editors select their must-have items, from simple pleasures to ultimate luxuries.
Architectural Digest. Text by Stephanie Schomer | Produced by Parker Bowie Larson | Photography by Geoffrey Sokol.

Thanks for sharing your week with me,
And as always, have a wonderful weekend!
be happy + be comfortable in your home ~ nancy

Trend Watch: White Home Accessories

Hi! Hope everyone is having a great week!

Trend Watch: White Home Accessories.

Home Accessories in white are popping up all over the place from bedding + window treatments to upholstered pieces, white accessories are so versatile a perfect compliment to most any room.

Create dimension and depth to a space by layering different shapes, shades and textures of white.

    The photo below showcases a white kitchen with white accessories complete with white slipcovered chairs, love it!

    White provides the backdrop for other pieces to pop such as the turquoise collection of serving pieces, napkins and accessories.
Trend Watch:  White Home Accessories
White Accessories for a kitchen from table top to decorative accessories.

White Linens are used in most Hotels Guest Rooms which make the room feel bright, clean and welcoming.

    Below is an inspirational photo from The Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia. The Guest Room is brimming with color, pattern and an array of finishes, but the white bedding is simple, clean and a welcoming addition creating a focal point as your eye has a place to rest among the bold color and pattern. You can use this same principle in your home.

Trend Watch: White Home Accessories
Guest Room from the Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia, PA

White accessories and furnishings are popping up all over the place. White has a cleansing nature and crisp feel when paired with neutral palettes and natural linen fabrics.

    The Room below is a great example of how a bit of white perks up a soothing palette of linen fabrics and earth toned wall color.

    Just these touches of white keep your eye moving around the room from the window treatments to the lamp shade + coral accessories to the built-in bookcase accessories up to the crown moldings then back down to the cocktail table with white flowers + and a selections of white accessories then over to the sofa with a touch of white in the accent pillows.

Trend Watch: White Home Accessories
from Decorating with white accessories with neutral linen fabrics.–decorating-with-neutrals/#page=1

Have a great day!
be happy + be comfortable in your home ~ nancy

Color Trend Watch: White

It’s Monday, hope everyone had a great weekend!

Color Trend Watch: White

The psychology of color: White.
“White is not an absence of colour; it is a shining and affirmative thing, as fierce as red and definite as black” according to the website above.

I agree, I think white is as bold a color choice as red or black.
How to use white in our homes ~
paint, upholstery, accessories, cabinetry, tile, flooring, solid surfaces and the list goes on.

White upholstery pieces will give you the opportunity to explore colorful paint options.

Trend Color Watch: White
White upholstery pieces with a colorful painted wall. Benjamin Moore: Fruit Shake 2088-60

On the flip side white-painted walls provide a clean palette to freely add color.

Benjamin Moore Accent Wall in Royal Flush 2076-20
Benjamin Moore Accent Wall in Royal Flush 2076-20

White can be the unifying color flow in your home.

Trend Color Watch White
Color Flow with White. Benjamin Moore

Or White can be the color in your home.

Inspiring white room design ideas
From Traditional Home.
Family Room.
At Home with Bill and Giuliana Rancic
Tour Bill and Giuliana Rancic’s newly built Los Angeles home
Written and produced by Krissa Rossbund

White paint colors …

White is defined by so many different shades and hues, which one is right for you?

I’ve just finished painting my kitchen in Benjamin Moore Capitol White with Benjamin Moore Super White Trim. I am kind of obsessed with the Williamsburg Color Collection by Benjamin Moore, the colors are so rich and full. I like to specify the Aura Matte Interior finish, it goes on like a dream and in most cases covers nicely in one coat.

Just some food for thought on a Monday! Enjoy your day!!
be happy + be comfortable in your home ~ nancy

Friends of Gregg

Friends are a wonderful gift and when we come together to support one another miracles happen.

Friends of Gregg
Gregg and Sherri Bittner

From the Friends of Gregg website ~
The Home Builders Association (HBA) of Bucks and Montgomery County Charitable Foundation has made it their mission to “help rebuild the home of a local family in need.

Gregg Bittner is a long-time Doylestown resident, a widely-known respected custom home builder in the Bucks County area. Gregg dedicated his life to perfecting his craft and providing many residents in the area with a place that they could call home.”

    Save the Date: Tuesday September 23rd
    A Benefit Night Out
    Chambers 19 Bistro & Bar in Doylestown, PA.

On a personal note, Gregg and Sherri are dear friends to all who know them. They and their family continue to touch so many lives with their spirit, sense of humor, generosity and kind hearts. We as friends and as a community are looking forward to a wonderful event to support the Bittner’s and The HBA’s mission to build them a home.

    Thank you to everyone who has helped to organize, sponsor, host + support The Friends Of Gregg fundraiser on Tuesday September 23.

Please visit the website below for full information on Friends of Gregg “Rebuilding an Adaptable Home for Gregg Bittner and his Family”.

Thanks for sharing your week with me ~
And as always, have a wonderful weekend ~ Nancy
be happy + be comfortable in your home!

your personal interior design style

With New York Fashion week coming to a close, Trends for 2015 on the horizon for both fashion + home decorating one thing is for certain … change is in the Fall air!

With all the information we have, the challenge is how to focus finding your own personal interior design style.

Enjoy this video from The NY Times featuring Diane von Furstenburg, it’s chock full of inspiration and personal style.
Personally, I am a huge fan of Diane von Furstenburg I just love her design aesthetic.

The exciting thing about design today …
It’s personal, It’s global, It’s what makes you happy.

When I look at different palettes, I am reminded that there is so much beauty in the world to experience and incorporate in our daily life.

    Through technology we all have access to find just the right design element for our home. New companies offering beautiful products are popping up all the time broadening our ability to personalize our homes. A small plug for my new e-commerce store coming this fall!

So how do we narrow down the influx of information to find our personal style???

My tips to finding your own personal style …

1. Find Images you like.
Collect images from magazines or internet sites that speak to you. Don’t analyze them just yet, save them in a folder.
When you go back to look at them you will see a common theme.

2. Find Inspiration.
Inspiration can lead you to a color palette, a floor plan or accessorizing ideas.
Inspiration can come from anywhere … the beach, a hotel, a retail store, museum, traveling on vacation …

3. Have a Plan.
Devise a comprehensive plan first before purchasing products or choosing paint.
Keep an open mind, try to stretch yourself.
Let one decision fall into the next.
Don’t rush it, not even for an event … there will be another one.

4. What is your personal style …
It’s what you like.
You don’t have to find it you already have it.
Maybe you just need someone to help you get to it.
Don’t put a name to it if you do you may lock yourself into it.
My good friend came over to see recent changes my husband and I made in our home and the first thing she said is “it’s so you”. That was the highest compliment I could have received, I’m still smiling.

5. Buy what you love.
Someone once told me to buy what I love and it will all work out.
It’s funny the things you remember but I reference this a lot … still.

But most of all …
Enjoy the process.

It’s Wednesday, make it a great day!! ~ nancy

Be Inspired: 2015 Trend Watch For Fun

2015 Trend Watch for Fun …
It’s all about having fun, in life, in work, in relationships so lets bring that energy into our home decorating and design.

H&M Building in NYC. 12' sculpture by Jeff Koons.
H&M Building in NYC. 12′ Sculpture by Jeff Koons.

Looking ahead at 2015 Trends, one trend noted by Pantone is the element of fun in design. The H&M building above with this amazing 12′ Ballon Dog sculpture by Jeff Koons and the message “Fashion Loves Art” is a brilliant combination of fun meets design. The H&M building is located in NYC on 5th Avenue and 48th Street.

Currently, Jeff Koons: A Retrospective is on exhibit at the Whitney Museum of American Art in NYC, June 27 – October 19, 2014.

    Just think of the resurgence of fun whimsical images … the smily face, sponge bob and as we saw this summer Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s on the big screen.

Here’s a great example of infusing an iconic design element into your home, adding that unexpected bit of fun.
The Tulip Arm Chair pictured from Knoll.

    Combining the Tulip Arm Chair with modern and rustic elements in just the perfect balance creates a space of interest and personality.
It's all about fun
Tulip Arm Chair from Knoll

So how do we fit fun into our decorating??
In my last post I mentioned about decorating foyers to reflect your own personal style …

    It’s up to you, what makes you happy + comfortable in your home …