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summer floral arrangement ideas

creating a summer floral arrangement is easy this time of year but if you’re looking for inspiration

    while your on vacation, shopping or out to dinner make sure to check out summer displays designed for their properties by professional creative teams.

while i was at dwell on design in june, we stayed at the JW Marriott in LA Live, below is a summer floral arrangement that sat behind the registration desk.

i love getting great diy ideas from hotels or retail stores and paring them down to use in the home. this one is so simple all you need is …

    1. a great glass container
    2. colored sand or glass
    3. flowers of your choice. if your prefer real flowers just hide a little container full of water in the sand.
summer floral arrangement
JW Marriott at LA Live

this time of year the flowers are blooming in full force, just clipping flowers from the garden for simple arrangements to use inside and outside the house is so easy ~ no professional design skills needed!

sometimes it’s about the container

    my new favorite thing is to combine a vase and a bowl, it gives the vase more presence and makes sense of an empty beautiful bowl. below i’ve just added some clippings from the garden “never dies” i love the bright green color before they bloom in the late summer.

summer floral arrangement ideas

where i live, we have a terrible problem with deer eating just about everything, so my days of lush gardens have streamlined to a minimum. when we had our golden retriever, she kept the deer at bay, but now we can hardly grow anything that flowers.

i do have a lot of hydrangea’s, good thing they’re my personal favorite and are supposedly deer resistant … i’m happy to report for the most part the deer do steer clear of them.

below i’ve added a few zinnia’s from the local farmers market to a base of hydrangea’s from my garden…

summer floral arrangement ideas
summer floral arrangement ideas

my tips for garden floral arrangements ~

    1. add to what you have from the local farmer’s market, grocery store or nearby stand.
    2. be creative use greens from your yard if you don’t have a lot of flowers. greens make an interesting arrangement or backdrop.
    3. have fun with the containers ~ combine a vase with a bowl or a rattan container for visual weight.

sunny yellow home accent pieces

happy ~ happy ~ happy ~ friday everyone!! hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!! ~ nancy

    sunny yellow home accent pieces are just the thing to perk up your space this summer. add accessories that you can change out when the fall comes around.

i love a pop of sunny yellow it just perks up a space. yellow is generally thought of as a happy positive color full of energy.

that’s me at the day’s inn newly renovated lobby. my jacket coordinates with the decor lol!…

yellow home accent pieces
thats me at the days inn lobby.
photo credit dreams come true productions

days inn before …

Days Inn Before: Lobby
Days Inn Before: Lobby

days inn after … sunny yellow window treatments …

days inn after window treatments
days inn after window treatments

adding a couple of yellow stools to this beautiful kitchen gives the room great energy …

yellow home accent pieces
from traditional home

yellow can be overpowering too so be cautious when choosing yellow paint. below i’ve used benjamin moore soleil AF-330.

guest room, benjamin moore solei
guest room, benjamin moore soleil AF-330

for my before and afters of the room above visit my earlier post

what’s your favorite yellow accent piece? sometimes mine is just a simple container full of seasonal plants …

yellow home accents
from better homes and gardens

thanks for sharing your week with me ~
and as always have a wonderful weekend …
be happy + be comfortable in your home ~ nancy

pastel trend products for the home

the pastel trend from spring 2014 runway has made its way into our home stores with an explosion of color!

Pastel Interiors.
Pastel Interiors. 2014 Trends from
    and how we will begin seeing that trend offered in home products.
pastel trend
Ikea lack table
    i was at ikea in my local area yesterday sourcing for a client, i had not been there since i think january of this year, anyway the one thing that was so different was an explosion of color options offered …

    the option of white or black/brown has been happily expanded to add a range of colors.

pastel trend
Ikea pink girls room

i loved all the color, it’s so uplifting especially for a big store like Ikea … imagine how it would look in your home.

    but secretly with all this color i was hoping to find something in a beautiful navy blue … and there it was ~ a storage piece in a beautiful navy blue.

hemnes shelving unit for ikea

pastel trend
Ikea storage

    after seeing the piece above it reminded me of my blog about the 2014 hgtv smart home that had used deep rich navy cabinetry in the kitchen.

    for a small space or a rental a few of these storage pieces may just be the ticket to adding a deep rich navy to your home + vertical storage!

my tip ~
grab inspiration from rooms you love then incorporate that element into your home!

Blue Kitchen Cabinets
HGTV Dream Home 2014, Kitchen. Designer Linda Woodrum. Credit: Eric Perry.

enjoy your day! ~ nancy

creating a feature wall with stikwood

happy monday everyone!
hope you all had a great holiday weekend!! ~ nancy

ever think of creating a feature wall? there are so many options to choose from; there are endless molding designs and paint techniques or you can create a feature wall with artwork or beautiful window treatments and now there is a simple way to create feature wall from a light weight easy to install wood product.

i was at dwell on design a few weeks ago in los angeles. dwell on design is a trade show featuring innovative products and designs. i was inspired by the offering of fresh new product ideas + some favorites from last year that i was able to revisit.

stikwood was new to me this year but not new on the market. “Stikwood is a peel and stick real wood decor. It is extremely easy to use and will transform a room in minutes.” –

the photo below is of the stikwood booth at dwell on design, i enjoyed speaking with justin one of the owners about the product.

stikwood new product
dwell on design, justin from stikwood

below is a youtube video from stikwood and west elm showing how to install the product.

the idea of an easy to install wood wall … love that.
i have not used stikwood but it is lightweight and seems really easy to install. i’m thinking that there are other diy applications for stikwood like an ikea hack coffee table or dresser … hummmmm or a mirror frame maybe a headboard …

have a great week! ~ nancy

Hike through Cinque Terre Italy

happy 4th!!!!

i hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend ~ nancy

we had dinner last night with friends who are heading to Italy soon for vacation, we had a delicious dinner! and shared photo’s of our trip last year to Italy, i can’t wait to see their pictures and hear about their adventures.

our first stop was Rome
earlier blog post,

    from rome we traveled by train to Monterosso in the Cinque Terre region for a few nights. it was pure heaven … we met so many friendly people, we hiked, kayaked, swam, ate amazingly delicious food + drank delicious wine, stayed at a fantastic hotel …

view from our room ~

Cinque Terre, Monterosso Italy, view from our room
Terre, view from our room at hotel pasquale

we stayed at the Hotel Pasquale

    we loved the Hotel Pasquale, this small family owned and operated hotel was just perfect for us. the owners were so generous and gracious, i would go back again and again.

the rooms were newly renovated, the breakfast was truly amazing … not only was the marmalade homemade they grow their own oranges specifically for marmalade. a warm brioche with homemade marmalade what a way to start the day, i’m pretty sure i worked it off on the hike.

we hiked through the towns beginning right there in Monterosso. it was one of my favorite things that we did during our Italy vacation.

Cinque Terre, Monterosso Italy
the beginning of our hike through the towns.

my husband, paul and i on the hike

my husband and i on the hike thru Cinque Terre
my husband and i on the hike.

Cinque Terre Italy
the hike was pretty steep at times
Cinque Terre Italy
but definitely fun
Cinque Terre Italy
the first town we came to
Cinque Terre Italy
Cinque Terre Hike

some views and stops along the way ~
a stop at the next town, Vernazza where i purchased a mortar and pedestal – which i carried throughout the rest of our trip, it’s my favorite purchase but at the time it wasn’t the best impulse purchase to carry.

Cinque Terre Hike, Mortar and Pedestal
Mortar and Pedestal

Cinque Terre
Views from our hike

we kayaked back to this spot later in the day …

Cinque Terre
Views from our hike

trail side figs …
i have never had a fresh fig before and picked right of the tree no less … just delicious!

Cinque Terre Italy
a quick stop at the top for some fresh figs, delicious!

Cinque Terre Italy
hike through Cinque Terre

last stop …
we reached the last town Corniglia where we hopped the train back to Monterosso.

hike through Cinque Terre
Corniglia, Italy. train station.

pop-up office ideas for half-day friday’s

nothing is better than half-day friday’s in the summer except working from home for that half day!

you don’t need much, a cup of coffee and a great view will work fine for early morning emails …

    but here are some great pop-up office ideas that you can try at your place for those days when you work from home.

turn your traditional dining room space into an office

    the dining room/office below is a perfect example of combining the two without loosing either. a perfect pop-up office space for half-day friday’s!

pop-up office ideas for half day friday's
from hgtv smart home

score with a flea market find

    for the guest room below we purchased a flea market work bench that had been restored a bit and placed it in a guest room for a private work space.

pop-up office ideas for half day friday's
pop-up office desk

for an open concept room …

    classic no fail option ~ add a console desk or full size desk if you have room behind the sofa. use a nearby dining chair as double duty or have a dedicated desk chair (space providing). and there you have it, a generous work area + the tv ~ we’ll keep this to ourselves!

pop-up office ideas
traditional home show house, south hampton 2012

share vertical and horizontal space in your kitchen …

    i just love this idea it’s so versatile … and the kitchen is the hub of the home so it makes perfect sense to add a pop-up office.

HGTV's Small Kitchens with Big Style. Credit Photography by Steve Tsai
HGTV’s Small Kitchens with Big Style. Credit Photography by Steve Tsai

june celebrations + change

it’s monday!! hope everyone had a great weekend!

the month of june celebrations + change …

june marks my 2-year anniversary in blogging. the site has grown over the 2 years …
thanks to all of you, intentional designs now has over 2700 readers per month.

june celebrations + change
me and mtm

june also seems to be the month for celebrations, change + preparing for what lies ahead in the late summer. with engagements + weddings, high school and college graduations at their peak this month, plus new grads beginning their careers, families are busy preparing for these new milestones.

    our homes become center stage again with parties, celebrations or just casual get togethers.

it’s an exciting time for intentional designs this month as well …

a couple of new things for us @ coming soon (probably by the end of August) …

    a new logo + a blog re-design
    plus … a shopping site featuring beautiful custom products + accessories for the home by intentional designs, inc.

blog update …
i love the idea of a redesign for the blog site, as in our homes it becomes time to update things and freshen them up and it’s time for intentional designs to do just that.

i’ve turned to the professionals to re-design the site for a fresh new updated look designed by their amazing web design team.

shopping site update …
i am so happy to be able to offer quality products to my readers

i have been in the design industry for over 15 years and have designed many products from window treatments, bedding, and pillows to upholstered pieces and love it, so for me this is the perfect next step. will be offering quality beautifully made window treatments, upholstered accessory items and accessories … plus some surprises!
june celebrations + change, NYG 2014 Pillows
NYG 2014 Pillows

A fresh start …
our homes and families are the hub of what’s important to us in every way they build memories for years to come, they support our traditions and give us a place to grow, rest, laugh and cry.

with all the change that the celebrations in june bring we also begin the challenges and feel the excitement of a fresh start. our homes are just the place to begin and end the day … to invigorate us, comfort us, to enjoy our families + friends as we build each and every new memory while life takes us forward.

and for … a fresh start with the introduction of its shopping site and a redesigned blog site.

june celebrations + change
my hubby + me, june celebrations + change

so please join me in the joy of celebrating our future possibilities and appreciating all of our hard work to get there! have a great monday everyone! ~ nancy