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Your guide to choosing paint colors …

Choosing paint colors is a daunting task for most and as a designer, believe me it still is a daunting task. One gallon of paint contains the ability to awaken your senses by triggering and evoking emotions determining the overall vibe of your space … no pressure there!

For me choosing a paint color is very complex, it’s personal … like opening that new box of crayons; having a world of color in your hands, where do you start and what a responsibility it is!

Choosing Paint Colors
From the website

Guide for Choosing Paint Colors:

No. 1
Keep stress level down you’ll find the right color. Keep this in you back pocket ~ If the color is not what you envisioned a little primer and you can start over.

    I once painted my kitchen a bright in my opinion horrible blue then repainted as soon as I was able with a primer.
    I learned that day about the wonders of a good primer.

No. 2
Think of the overall vibe of your space.
Each space connects to the next creating a flow in most “public” spaces of homes, the result is that one decision affects the next. Bedrooms can get a pass especially if you have children because these private spaces are separate from your “public” spaces.

    Paint colors are connected to the light in your space, fabric choices for furniture, windows and pillows and also to accessories such as area rugs and artwork.
    So here is where “just” choosing a paint color becomes even more complex and thoughtful.

No. 3
Find your inspiration.

Inspirations can come from anywhere; a painting, a favorite vacation spot, colors from nature or your favorite artist.

No. 4
Keep an open mind with all your options on the table until final decisions are made and above all don’t rush it, no good decision happens when it’s rushed.

No. 5
Know what you like and know that it’s ok that your friend doesn’t like it.

    I have been on consultations where my client has her friend over to help her choose paint colors and with all good intentions of both people the choice becomes even more difficult.
    All of us have an idea of what we like but it’s how to translate it through design that is the challenge especially with limited time.

The process

Choosing a foyer paint color this past month, my husband and I both like gray so I was on the hunt for the perfect gray for our foyer.


    But what shade of gray, deep charcoal or light and chalky? Should it skew to brown, purple or blue? What paint finish works for the space matte, flat semi-gloss? Warm or cool tone? What shade/hue??

To help answer these questions here are a few of my tips~

No. 1
Head out to the paint store …
Choose a few colors you gravitate towards at the paint store bring the color strips home look at them in your space.

No. 2
Examine the Color Strip

    The color strip will tell you all the subtle nuances.
    In the gray paint example above I had narrowed it down to two paint colors. By examining the color strip of one I could easily see that one paint color skewed towards brown. However, the other color was not part of a color strip so I looked up the information on line and was able to determine that the other was a pure pale gray.

Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray SW 7029, Gray paint colors
Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray SW 7029

No. 3
Sample the paint on your wall …

    Once you’ve narrowed down your color choices buy samples and try them on the wall in the space where you will be painting. My recommendation is 2 coats in several locations next to each other to see how the light and what you have in your home works with the colors.

No. 4
Final decision time … buy a quart.

    So now I’m down to 2 choices and I’m at a stalemate.
    Because paint samples are generally available only in a satin finish it’s time to spend the extra money to buy a quart of the exact finish and paint type you will be using to see the true color. Use a roller and paint a good size section of each color. Wait till they dry, look at them the next day with a fresh eye and live with them for a bit.

Have you made your final decision???

Brown color scheme

Happy Friday!!!

A brown color scheme ~ Brown comes in many shades from beige to tan to deep brown. A brown paint color can add just the right back drop for so many colors from coral, pink or lavender to blue or green and shades of white …

    A brown color scheme doesn’t necessarily mean you have to paint the walls in a shade of brown … the options are endless to create a brown color scheme, from paint to accessories to furnishings in graphic patterns, textured materials or a faux animal print rug, brown and white is a classic combination.

    A brown paint palette …
    This paint combination supports and stands up to the “cheerful” coral accents in the living room below from Traditional Home.

paint colors "cheerful"
From Traditional Home, Designer Lauren DeLoach, photo credit Emily Jenkins Followill. Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore Driftwood 2107-40 (walls) and Mascarpone AF-20 (ceiling + trim)

A brown and white color scheme featuring a graphic pattern and deep wood tones…
The brown and white graphic fabric adds a modern but warm and inviting vibe all at the same time.

brown color scheme
from hgtv smart home 2014, master closet

A brown color scheme can be very sophisticated ~ add a faux animal print rug to set the design …

brown color scheme
from williams-sonoma home, a brown color scheme

The wall color below, latte from Sherwin-Williams … anything but neutral when paired with bold navy accents …

    This is a great color, a beautiful backdrop for the cream sofa with pops of navy.
    Latte is featured in Pottery Barn Spring/Summer 2014 paint palette by Sherwin-Williams.

brown color scheme
Sherwin-Williams Latte SW 6108

Pottery Barn Spring/Summer 2014 paint palette
Pottery Barn Spring/Summer 2014 paint palette by Sherwin-Williams. Wall color shown is SW 6108 Latte.

Thanks for sharing your week with me!
as always have wonderful weekend …
be happy + be comfortable in your home ~ nancy

Closet Storage Ideas

Farrow and Ball
Farrow and Ball “A (very tidy!) office/study painted in Pavilion Gray” from their inspiration site

Farrow & Ball Inspiration.

Closet Storage Ideas …

Storage – it’s on everyone’s mind, how to get more of it, how to make it more efficient, ignore the mess it will go away somehow ~ whatever your take is, we all consider it. It’s a love/hate relationship, whether it’s in a kitchen, bedroom, home office or basement ~ we all seek closet storage idea’s that come in all shapes and sizes to work within our space.

So how do you maximize your storage while making it look good? Check out this photo from Farrow and Ball’s inspiration link above. This seems to to me like a weekend diy project that I may tackle very soon. In my son’s room (who has moved out) I have a closet that needs attention.

I’m inspired by this photo because it’s a simple solution, it makes sense and it looks good. Now I’am thinking how to integrate it into my home, I love the gray paint color, no doors and shelving although I will need to add an area for hanging clothes and possibly a dresser … better get working! ~ nancy

What are some of your storage solutions???

Have a great Monday!!
be happy + be comfortable in your home ~ nancy

Color Trend Watch Yellow

Our Color Trend Watch Yellow!

Trend Color Watch Yellow, Naomi Watts Golden Globes 2015 Red Carpet
Naomi Watts Golden Globe 2015 Red Carpet. Photo Credit John Shearer Invision/AP.

From the Golden Globe Runway straight into our homes, yellow is the color to watch. Since home fashion follows runway fashion, we’re on the lookout for yellow home accessories, fabrics and paint colors this year.

So how will you use yellow in your home or office … or will you???

Psychology of color – Yellow
Yellow is perceived as warm and welcoming. It is a color that has energy, spontaneity, creativity, lightness, newness; its modern, innovative, full of surprise with a hint of caution. In Feng Shui, Yellow is an Earth Element (grounding and support).

Choosing yellow paint colors …
Because yellow is so full of energy think of using it where energy flows in your home; an entry foyer, kitchen, home office, family room or dining room. Choose yellow paint carefully in a bedroom. Yellow is a common choice for bedrooms but a bright yellow is too stimulating for a restful sleep, so choose a soft warm tone for a bedroom.

    Introducing Yellow into your space ~

The yellow counter stools below are a great example of infusing a space with a pop of energizing color.

sunny yellow accents
from traditional home

The room below from Traditional Home showcases a perfect example of how to turn up the volume with a touch of yellow. Yellow can be introduced into your space in many ways other than painting the walls. This neutral wall color simply provides a well planned backdrop for yellow to take center stage.

Traditional Home Living Room in Gray and Yellow
Traditional Home Living Room in Gray and Yellow

This relaxing warm palette awakens with yellow’s energy, carefully balancing out the space.

HGTV Dream Home 2014, Living Room, Kitchen
HGTV Dream Home 2014, Living Room, Kitchen

Pantone’s Spring Color Report has a beautiful selection of colors. Their yellow is called “custard” it is a mellow yellow that blends beautifully with all the other colors.

Color Trends for 2015. Pantone Color Report 2015
Pantone’s Spring 2015 Color Report

From Ralph Lauren RTW Spring 2015 … amazing, just love the combination of texture and color.

2015/16 Color Trends
From Ralph Lauren RTW Spring 2015,b2015/16 Color Trends

So if you’re in the market for yellow, here are some color combinations worth considering …

For a more contemporary feel try ~
add gray, very on trend ~ classic and contemporary all at the same time.

If you you like “preppy” colors, think Lilly Pulitzer ~
use bright accent colors in patterns of greens, pinks, white, blue or purple.

If your looking for a nautical theme ~
add navy blue & white.

If you lean towards Country ~
combine bold reds in your accessories (window treatments, area rugs).

For a Pastel Pallet ~
work with pale blues, violets, pinks and greens.

One of my favorite fabric combinations …

Isabelle De Borchgrave - For Fabricut
Isabelle De Borchgrave – For Fabricut

It’s Friday!! Have a great weekend!
And as always thanks for sharing your week with me!
be happy + be comfortable in your home ~ nancy

Farrow & Ball 2015 Key Colours

Farrow & Ball 2015 Key Colours announced …

From Farrow & Ball … 2015 Key Colours “promote relaxation and reflection in interiors. Paler in appearance they help to create spaces that live and breathe as we look to our homes as places of sanctuary from the stresses of modern day living.”

Breakfast Room Green No. 81

Light Blue No. 22

Pink Ground No. 202

Tanner’s Brown No. 255

My Tip ~
Check out the color combinations that Farrow & Ball carefully selected for each of the 4 key colours.
The color combination suggestions from Farrow & Ball can make designing your space an easy transition. Think of the accent colors not only for trim, floor or painted furniture but also as accents in upholstery, pillows, lighting, artwork + fabrics such as below.

Accent Fabric, Farrow & Ball 2015 Key Colours
Farrow & Ball Light Blue
with Fabric for window treatments from Intentional Designs

My take ~
I am crazy for these F&B colours, the complexity + soothing nature of them just makes me feel good.

Visit Farrow & Ball for more information on their 2015 Colour Trends.

I have had many questions regarding where to purchase Farrow & Ball products, here is what I have found …
The link below will provide you with information for stores in your area, or you can always shop on-line.
In addition; in our area, the Lee Joffa Showroom at the Philadelphia Marketplace Design Center carries Farrow & Ball products.

It’s Wednesday … enjoy your day & finish your week strong!!
be happy + be comfortable in your home ~ nancy

Favorite Blue Master Bedroom

A Favorite Blue Master Bedroom blog post from Intentional Designs …

    A year in review continues with one of my most sought after blogs …
    a “beachy master bedroom retreat”.

    The paint colors used were the point of interest for most readers. Both paint colors are from Sherwin-Williams; Cay SW6772 + Accessible Beige SW7036.

    This blog actually began my Pinterest activity because of my readers and their number of pins and re-pins it received, thanks!

    Thanks to my readers activity on Pinterest, my New Years Resolution for 2014 was to begin a Pinterest Account, and it has been growing and growing ever since!

It’s Monday … have a great start to your week!
happy + be comfortable in your home ~ nancy

enjoy! ~ nancy

if your thinking of creating a beachy master bedroom retreat check out the video below from DIY Network Blog Cabin …

Are you considering a light blue? Cay SW6772 and Accessible Beige SW7036 were used to create a restful yet upbeat master bedroom full of natural elements.

DIY Network® Blog Cabin 2013
DIY Network® Blog Cabin 2013

    every element in this room supports the beachy feel …
    from the paint colors, furniture + accessories to the bedding.

this room is full of diy inspirations, i love the artwork made from a simple piece of drift wood. while at the beach i like to take walks and every so often i’m lucky enough to find a keepsake; a piece of bark or sea shells.

if you’re not a diy’er …
there are many natural elements available at local stores to add to your space.
try …
accent furniture …

    this accent table has been designed to imitate wood sculpted out of concrete, just beautiful.

beachy master bedroom
Hanbury Occasional Table from Currey & Company

lighting …

    the look of beach glass gives the lamp a “coastal inspired feel”.

beachy master bedroom retreat
from Currey & Company Oscar Table Lamp

or a door stop …

    i love this door stop ~ i think it’s just fun ~ and ~ makes a perfect hostess gift.

beachy master bedroom retreat
from Two’s Company Marseille Knot Door Stopper

found treasures …

    no need to mount anything, just put some shells in a glass jar or bowl …

    beachy master bedroom retreat
    my diy … tree bark and razor shells

    didn’t know you were a diy’er? … you just did it! – enjoy

January White Sales 2015

Shopping Saturday … Survival tactics for January White sales

A little known fact about January white sales, John Wanamaker who entered the retail business around 1850 opening the first John Wanamaker & Co. in Philadelphia on Chestnut Street in 1868 was the first to market the literal phrase “white sale”.

It’s no secret that over 150++ years later, “white sales” are a staple and the sales are plentiful from the traditional sheets & towels to all sorts of home goods including furniture. Exercise equipment, gym memberships, holiday decorations and winter clothing are also among retail scores for shoppers sure to perk up your January.

And who doesn’t like to get a good deal?
But that impulse purchase I made, at an unbeatable price … except for the “no return policy” and yup that’s right the purchase I made totally doesn’t work and I have no recourse but to keep it.

Ok, onto plan b…
survival tactics for January white sales.

So for next time … my tips to avoid a remorseful “no return” purchase …

“Window shop” and stick to it, don’t buy a thing, see what’s out there … think it over.

Plan ahead
Check out interactive design tools for bedding on-line, just click and wha … la your bed is made and priced out, from sheets to shams it’s all there. Two sites that I like for this bedding tool are Create & Barrel and Pottery Barn.

Make a list
Shop with a list, like a grocery list to avoid regretful purchases.

Stick to a budget, either per room, per category or total monetary allowance
For example:
(Per Room) Guest Room: duvet cover, sheet set, 2 pillows & 2 decorative shams – have a budget in mind.
(Per Category) 6 white bath towels for guest bath – have a budget in mind.
(Total allowance) $500 for Guest Room makeover – make a list of items you need.

Ask for assistance
On your phone, take pictures of the space your working on, it’s helpful to the sales staff if you are trying to decide and need advice.

Keep on track
Bring photo’s from blogs … magazines or other inspirations that you have , it can be easy to lose your vision when your surrounded by the lure of visual merchandising.

Avoid impulse purchases
If you’re not sure, ask to have the item put on hold for a day, this takes away the impulse purchase.

My advice – prepare, shop with a list, avoid impulse purchases, stay on budget and enjoy the savings!

As always, enjoy your weekend and shopping Saturday!!
be happy + be comfortable in your home ~ nancy