3 summer kid friendly diy table decorations!

Father’s Day, Graduations, Summer Holidays and just good old sunny weather are enough to bring people together. Whether it’s a celebration, a bbq or just a simple get together make it fun for your kids. So, include a couple of kid friendly diy table decorations that everyone will love!

Here’s 3 summer diy table decorations you can do with your kids this year that everyone will love!

A simple bouquet of flowers is always a cheerful addition to any table.
I love this idea for a graduation party … at any age from nursery school to college.
And this floral arrangement is super cute & fun plus it just takes one trip to your local market.
As a side note, the tulips are in another container with jellybeans surrounding it. So that’s really the hardest part finding containers that fit together.
Then surround it with your grads favorite candy!

diy table decorations
tulips & jelly beans in a glass vase, from busyomahamom.com

Or one of my favorite table decorating ideas for kids is to use a roll of craft paper as a table runner.
This is fun for a birthday party … again at any age.
Have guests write a little something on it for the birthday boy or girl, it’s like a great big card!

diy table decorations
Ikea Mala Drawing Paper Roll

And last but not least, while setting the table add a few framed family photo’s.
What a fun idea for Father’s Day!
Simply choose favorite photo’s with Dad and Grandpa, frame them and set them out on the table.
And kids love to see their pictures framed.

diy table decorations

Whatever you decide make it fun, make it personal and enjoy the moment!

So, thanks for stopping in ~ Nancy
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