5 Small Bathrooms with Big Style!

Who says small bathrooms can’t be amazing!

So many styles to consider! From minimalist, bohemian and opulent designs to kids bathrooms and powder rooms … don’t hold back small bathrooms like small spaces are just fun to design!

Definition of Minimalist Design according to Wikipedia – The term minimalist often colloquially refers to anything that is spare or stripped to its essentials.

This minimalist bathroom chock full of detail is simply at home providing a spa like environment.

My tips for creating a spa bathroom ~ Begin by selecting materials that are simple yet beautiful. Infuse natural materials. Keep the color palette simple.

small bathrooms
From ArchitecturalDigest.com 13 Gorgeous Minimalist Bathrooms.

Then venture into Bohemian Design where a “more is more” attitude abides.

My Tips for a Boho Bathroom: Subscribe to the “more is more” vibe. Beginning with a bold color palette then continue to layer the design filling in every little space with things you love!

small bathrooms
From ElleDecor.com 25 Best Small Bathroom Ideas.

Then ping back to a simple design with high style.
Bathroom tile trending for 2017 encompasses both color & deep rich earth tones like the espresso tiles below.

My Take Away ~ for a small bathrooms running the same tile into the shower is brilliant making a small bathroom appear larger.

small bathrooms
Image from CountryLiving.com 8 Best Bathroom Tile Trends.

Ignite your imagination! Kids bathrooms are always fun to design and usually colorful.

My Take Away ~ I love this kids bathroom because you can easily see how it will morph as your child gets older. There is no need to redo anything when they hit their teen years, just update the accessories!

small bathrooms
Kids bathroom from Parents.com, 7 Kid Friendly Bathrooms.

And last but not least the powder room or half bath.
Such an under rated room, the powder room probably gets the most use but the least attention!

My Tips ~ A small powder room is the perfect place to add a bit of drama. Because its a room unto itself, rest assured you can play with color, vanity style, lighting …

small bathrooms
Image from TraditionalHome.com Nancy Nolan shoot LaFrance residence in Little Rock, Arkansas for Decor Magazine.

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