Get The Look: A Fierce Celebrity Family Room

We love this Fierce Celebrity Family Room packed with color and personality from Christian Siriano featured in
Such a perfect ending to Summer!

This Celebrity Family Room explores FUN!

From color to patterns of ikat, damask, floral, animal print & stripe. Mixed seating options; sofa, love seat & ottoman, metal stools and an accent chair. Up-cycled furniture pieces, mismatched lamps, mixed media finishes & textures from wood to metal and lacquer, gold, sliver and sisal.
And there’s no shortage of fabulous accessories!

This celebrity family room is just Happy! Fun, Colorful and yes Sophisticated.
And who wouldn’t have a good time here and don’t you want to be invited!
An intentional design & thoughtful floor plan plus personal accent pieces creates one amazing space!

So how do we get the look that Christian Siriano created in his family room?

celebrity family room
From Christian Siriano Home Tour Family Room

Accent wall in a soothing blue hue.
Additional walls painted white.

An accent paint color like Fairview Blue from Benjamin Moore

Fairview Blue from Benjamin Moore
Fairview Blue from Benjamin Moore

plus Simply White from Benjamin Moore secure the backdrop.
2016 Paint Colors of the Year, Simply White, Benjamin Moore Color of the Year Simply White OC117
Benjamin Moore Color of the Year Simply White OC117

It’s helpful that this celebrity family room has good bones from floor to ceiling.

Architectural Wood elements:
Wood beams, flooring, door trim.

Anchor Upholstery Pieces:
Sofa,Love Seat & Ottoman slipcovered in white. has a good selection of simple slipcovered pieces.

celebrity family room
From Pottery Barn PB Comfort Roll Arm Slipcover Collection

Additional Seating:
2 metal stools & accent rattan chair
These are perfect pieces to hunt for on a Saturday morning!

Furniture Pieces:
Coffee Table, end table, desk, sofa table, armoire.
Here’s where the fun begins to break loose. All mismatched finishes yet all cohesive and interesting stand alone pieces.
Buy a couple at retail and some at estate sales.

Coffee table in metal and glass:
From Box Frame Coffee Table

celebrity family room
From Box Frame Coffee Table

White end table:
White finish end tables from Marrakesh Nesting Tables

celebrity family room
From Accent tables: Marrakesh Nesting Tables

Area Rug:
Natural Fiber Rug
One stop shopping at Chunky Wool and Jute Rug

celebrity family room
From Chunky Wool and Jute Rug

Window Treatments:
Drapery Panels in a lime green and white modern damask pattern.
Love these drapery panels.
At we carry a similar pattern & color Draperies Pattern: Ruby Color Green.

celebrity family room
From Christian Siriano Home Tour Family Room

This Celebrity Family Room is complete with colorful and personal accessories.

4 mismatched lamps, 8 decorative accent pillows, books, trays, boxes, 2 topiary, orchids, 2 throws, ceramic stool, artwork.

Here’s where the fun gets turned up a notch.
Once you get the feel of the color palette everything will just flow.
With accessories, keep in mind your color palette and look for pillows & throws that will work within that palette.
And the same is true with lighting, trays, boxes etc.

It’s interesting that the larger areas/pieces such as the blue accent wall, sisal area rug and three white upholstery pieces become the calm backdrop for the fierce & fiery combination of green, red and yellow pattern/color tones found in the rest of the family room to take center stage.

Hope you’re all having a good week so far, so good! ~ Nancy
be happy + be comfortable in your home

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Diy: $10 Score Boho Chair !

Boho Chair: Friday’s diy up-cycle furniture project, with before and after photos!
Complete with many of the current 2017 trends: cut-out design, blue, stripes and fur!

The Fall is a perfect time for flea markets, swap meets, garage sales, estate sales and church bazaars!

So on one beautiful fall day a few weeks ago I headed out to see what I could find. I had nothing in particular in mind.
But the three things I look for are; I like the piece, it’s well-made and cheap.

As I was driving down to the local thrift store I took a detour and there were at least 5 local garage sales going on.
So, 4 out of 5 didn’t work for me; one was too expensive the others didn’t have furniture pieces I was interested in.

But then there it was at 4:00pm on the side of the road a $10 Boho Chair right next to a toilet (also for sale!). It was in perfect condition although pretty dirty with a drab brown stain. I loaded it in the jeep and was off!

boho chair

Next stop the Thrift Store, I looked around and found a 42″ round table for $25.00. The table was being used to merchandise other items for sale probably because it was really ugly. At one time it had a leaf but it was gone, the top was a faux laminate with plastic edging and the legs were just a nasty brown color.

But through it all I could visualize this sad table transformed and loaded it in the jeep.
Next month I’ll show you the table because right now I’m still working on it!

My mind was racing on how I was going to up-cycle these pieces!
So I decided to paint my boho chair a pale pink for a girls room.
Because of the rounded rattan I thought spray painting would be easier.
So I purchased Krylon spray paint in Gloss Ballet Slipper at Michaels Craft Store.

After I got the chair home I hosed it down in the backyard then went over it with Clorox wipes. So now it’s nice and clean. The next day after it dried completely, I spray painted it.
Then my husband asked if we could keep it, so I thought ok but a pink girls chair doesn’t work in the house but luckily I only spray painted one coat.

boho chair

So, now I need inspiration which came from a stripe pillow I purchased from West Elm last Fall.
After I had my inspiration figured out the process flowed.

$10 Boho Chair painted pink

Then I repainted my boho chair with Devine Color Chalkboard paint in Devine Blue Jeans that I purchased a while ago at Target.

boho Chair

Complete with a faux fur pillow $29.99 from Target, a stripe pillow from West Elm + Devine Color Chalkboard Paint in Devine Blue Jeans my $10 Boho Chair has been transformed!

boho chair

My Simple Real Life Truth ~
Adding a few trendy pieces to my boho chair really works to update the piece. I love the ying and yang process of design it makes things just so much more interesting. I easily could have gone with a Suzani or Ikat Fabric to support the boho chair, but instead I look to add an element of surprise but with a nod to Boho with a fur cushion then adding a modern stripe pillow.
So when you look at the chair it embodies many of the current 2017 trends: cut-out design, blue, stripes and fur!
I love my “new” boho chair, it’s so comfortable and looks great!

Have a great weekend!
And as always thanks for sharing your week with us! ~ Nancy
be happy + be comfortable in your home

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Yellow Tops 2017 Fashion Trends!

2017 Fashion Trends from Fashion Week + Emmy’s … it’s been a busy week!

Among the top 2017 Fashion trends to be on the look out for …

So how does this effect home decor trends for 2017?
Home decor trends generally will follow Runway fashion trends.

Our color of the Month for September is yellow.
Yellow was a key color at the Emmy’s and for Fashion Week too!

2017 Fashion Trends
NY Fashion Week Spring 2017

And stripe fabrics
our feature fabric pattern for August too!
Stripes are universal, stripe fabrics are easily worked into a home decor palette with solids or floral.

2017 Fashion Trends
From NY Fashion Week Spring 2017

With fit being everything in fashion, cut-out designs have really claimed their place. From mid-section and backs to one shoulder or two, cut-out construction updates any silhouette.

So for home decor, we blogged about Matisse cut-out designs in July too!
Cut-out designs are evident in everything from fabrics to ceramic table lamps. Even fabrics with a cut-out design pattern in a graphic print works.

2017 Fashion Trends
NY Fashion Week Spring 2017, Cut-out designs.

So how will you work a little of the 2017 Fashion Trends into your home?
Or will you pass?

My Simple Real Life Truth ~
Painting rooms in my home is almost a too often occurrence! I am getting better now though, lol!
I love yellow, it’s upbeat and happy.
The yellow tones I’ve had in my house at one time or another …

Linen White, Benjamin Moore
Linen White is really a “go to” for me. I love the neutral creamy white color with just that touch of warm yellow.

Elephant Tusk, Benjamin Moore
Great neutral color that goes with a lot.
Try Blue accents, off-white or white.

Philadelphia Cream, by Benjamin Moore
Subtle but definitely a pale yellow.

Cork, Benjamin Moore
Deep rich color.

Soleil AF-330, Benjamin Moore
Livable happy yellow especially for a guest room.

Hope you all had a great weekend!
Enjoy the week ahead! ~ nancy
be happy + be comfortable in your home

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Need help selecting a Paint Color to go with your new countertop?

Choosing a paint color for your home especially a bathroom or kitchen can be stressful. But help is on the way!

I love to answer questions from readers, here’s a recent one ~
Questions??? “How to choose a paint color to match my new countertop?”

Now selecting a paint color that works with your new countertop is just a click away!

Benjamin Moore + Cambria have teamed up to make the process as easy as possible! With their on-line Paint Match Tool | Cambria Quartz.
First, select your Cambria countertop color,
Then Benjamin Moore provides you with 4 paint color options!
Select the color you like and view the two side by side.
And you have the option to order Cambria samples too.
It’s that simple!

Below is an image from Benjamin Moore’s Paint Match Tool. I selected Cambria Snowdon White and up popped 4 colors that work with it. This is so much fun and at the same time extremely useful! Especially because the color options give you 4 directions to go in.

Paint Color
Benjamin Moore Paint Match Tool

Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations are among the most costly updates you can make in your home. But after being in a home for 10+ years or buying a builder grade home you know the time will come to renovate. That’s probably why we see so many renovation programs on tv right now. We’re all searching for low-cost ways, inspirations and tips to update what we have.

My Tip~
Choose your paint color last.
That being said, have an idea of you color palette.
There are far more paint colors than countertop options out there.
So choose your countertop based on your color palette first.
Then choose your paint color.
And using Benjamin Moore’s Paint Match Tool makes things pretty easy!

Thanks to everyone who voted for my blog!
The results are in … didn’t make it into the finals but we are truly honored to be among such an amazing group of bloggers.
Thanks to for hosting this year’s Bloggers Awards and we wish all the best to those still in the running!

Have a great weekend everyone!
and as always, thanks for sharing your week with us! ~ nancy
be happy + be comfortable in your home

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Kid’s Bedroom budget decorating ideas

When it comes to decorating your kid’s bedroom the one piece of advice I have is … enjoy the process!

With all the rooms in your home the bedroom is the most personal, for everyone. But for kids it’s their private space a space where they get to put all their stuff, exude their personality and have control over.
And it’s a great opportunity to embrace their ideas and inspire them along the way.

In an earlier post I talked about getting a study space ready and today we’ll finish that thought with a kid’s bedroom update.

A kid’s bedroom at any age just seems to scream for a few diy or up-cycling projects.

Get Thrifty …
Check out your local garage sales, swap meets, church bazaars or thrift stores for some special finds. Plus it’s a great way spend some time together.
And you may find out that your child really likes thrift shopping or they may not, lol!
Either way, grab a meal or ice cream to end the day!

I really like this a lot, using a pallet for a shelving area behind desk.
I think this is a perfect spot to pin selfies too!
Just make sure you take out any nails or splintering wood first!

kid's bedroom

Be Crafty …
Craft stores have a gazillion ideas that are fun to tackle together. Browse around for inspiration.

My super simple tip ~ while on vacation look together for an unframed print, even a postcard. Then buy a frame with a matte from a local craft store to frame it. It’s a meaningful keepsake.
A no fail decorating tip … use your child’s artwork and display it proudly!

Below I picked up 2 note cards while on a trip to Puerto Rico of Old San Juan. Then I had them framed at my local frame shop.

kid's bedroom

This print I picked up on vacation at Cape Cod. Then purchased a frame (on sale) from Michael’s. Such a simple diy full of memories.

Grab a paint brush …

kid's bedroom, accent wall

A super low-cost way to change the vibe of any room! And remember you can always paint over it next time.
Paint an accent wall -and/or- paint a piece of furniture!
I re-finished the dresser below with Annie Sloan chalk paint. It was a fun Ikea Hack!

Kid's Bedroom, Ikea Hack Tarva Dresser no. 2
Ikea Hack Tarva Dresser no. 2

Your Kid’s bedroom also needs a good dose of inspiration

Take a cue from their interests …
Gain inspiration from you child’s interests.
Do you have a budding fashionista? Inspire them with fabrics, then build the room’s color palette around the fabrics.

My Simple Real Life Truth ~ Decorating my kid’s bedroom
When my boys were growing up we moved a lot. Moving kind of gave me a good excuse to update their rooms. Well the truth is they were pretty little and really were not too interested in decorating, so I took my cues from their likes and dislikes.
During a Ninja Turtle phase, I painted my son’s room in a neutral palette then made drapery panels from Ninja Turtle Sheets. A low cost quick way to make a room fun!

Think outside the box …

Shop at the end of the season for outdoor furniture pieces that would work in your kid’s bedroom.

The outdoor ottoman from Crate & Barrel below is a perfect piece, especially on sale for a kids room. It’s sturdy construction for outside should certainly withstand a kids room for years!

kid's bedroom

Check out Clearance areas at your local stores …
While your on the road make sure to check out the Clearance section for some unique finds!

Go Mobile …
Find some sites that spur your imagination on-line, like ours! with lots of diy and up-cycling ideas.

Below I purchased a $25 desk at a local barn sale. Then refinished it in white enamel paint.

kid's bedroom, diy furniture refinishing.
DIY After, Furniture Refinishing, Desk

A HUGE Thank You to everyone who voted for my Blog!
We should be hearing the results this week!!! ~ Nancy

kid's bedroom, Online Decorating Client Profile, Interior Decorating Services Online

Happy Monday!
Hope everyone had a great weekend 🙂 Nancy
be happy + be comfortable in your home

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Trend Update: Suede Fabrics

Fall is the perfect time to introduce suede fabrics as part of your home decor accents. We’ve been seeing a lot of suede beginning in early Spring 2016 hit the marketplace.

From fashion to home decor be on the lookout for suede fabrics!

With boho chic so on trend, suede fabrics are a natural choice of material to add to your space.

For your design style, think of adding suede fabrics as an accent just as a great pair of shoes or the fringe on a cross body suede bag.

My Simple Real Life Truth ~
When faux suede or microfiber was pretty much only available through designers, customers were not sure about it. It was so new to the marketplace and was really not in the stores yet so customers didn’t quite grasp the concept.
Over the years we’ve designed faux suede ottomans & headboards and our customers loved them!
But now that it’s everywhere it’s a popular choice especially for family friendly spaces -or- if you have pets -or- want a light color upholstered piece because it’s easily cleaned.

There’s faux suede fabrics and there’s suede fabrics.

Faux Suede is a polyester or poly blend man-made material.
And because it’s man made sometimes you’ll find it with a pindot texture added.

From the Tillary Tufted back sectional.
Great sectional from West Elm, it’s super comfortable + when you take the back off it’s a good size for an overnight guest!


According to Wikipedia~
Suede leather is made from the underside of the skin, primarily lamb, although goat, calf and deer are commonly used. Splits from thick hides of cow and deer are also sueded, but, due to the fiber content, have a shaggy nap.

Suede typically is expensive but in a decorative accessory it makes a statement.

From Home Suede Origami Cut Pillow Cover

Williams-Sonoma Home, Suede Origami Cut Pillow Cover
Williams-Sonoma Home, Suede Origami Cut Pillow Cover

My Simple Real Life Truth ~
I really like the Williams-Sonoma Brand and once worked for Williams-Sonoma Home as a Design Consultant when they first opened about 10 years ago. Since then most of the stores have closed but WSH is still available online.

I hope you all have a great weekend!
And as always thanks for sharing your week with me! ~ Nancy
be happy + be comfortable in your home

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Yellow, Our Color of the Month

Yellow is our Color of the Month!

With summer moving out and fall on the horizon, we begin an entire new season of fall colors to inspire us. And just in time after a busy summer of vacation with beach blues and summer sand.


Even though the first day of fall is September 21st we seem to get in the Fall mindset after Labor Day, especially if your kids are heading back to school.


In the fall we see a color warming trend with yellow tones popping up all over.

We begin to appreciate the fall warm colors around us …
In retail stores, notice the fall color stories they feature.


And as we begin to frequent of favorite coffee shop, the warm color palette feels really good again.


As the leaves change we marvel at the brilliant colors the trees provide us in the Fall.


So, what’s your thought on yellow?
Will you add an accent pillow or two?
Paint a room?
Pick up some fun accessories; a couple of great coffee mugs or a vase?
Add textiles; an area rug or draperies?

Choosing a yellow paint color can be tricky.
My Tip~
In my experience clients head right to the yellow section of the fan deck. These bright or saturated tones usually was not their intent and can overpower a room.
If this isn’t what you’re looking for …
My tip for choosing a yellow paint color – make sure to look in the neutral color section too.
Here you will find neutrals with yellow undertones which just may be what you’re looking for.
If you’re unsure about the undertones, ask your local paint expert what’s the formula is. You can also check it out on-line.
Some examples below are Benjamin Moore Linen White and Philadelphia Cream. Both look neutral but have yellow undertones.

I hope you all had a great Labor Day Weekend!
Enjoy your week ahead! ~ Nancy
be happy + be comfortable in your home

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