Study Space Ideas for Back to School

Your homework this weekend … Create a study space for your back to school student.
A study space is a fun idea to work on now as the summer begins to slow down.
And besides where else are you going to store all the supplies you just purchased!

It just seemed like a minute ago when school was over.
I hope everyone had a great summer,
but now it’s back to school time!


My Simple Real Life Truth ~
Personally, I’ve been pushing off the fall. Not that I don’t love the fall (especially the clothes) but the summer went by too quickly. My youngest son was married in June what an incredible wedding, everything was so joyful! So for those of you who have experienced a wedding it is all-consuming. I feel like I just caught up to summer but it’s the end of August!
Now that I’ve caught up to the rest of the world out of my wedding bubble bliss …

Back to school is happening, has happened or will happen soon.
From the first day of kindergarten to the first day of college ~ it’s here!

Your homework … create a study space or work area.

For your pre-college age child
Creating a study space is a fun activity to get them involved in every year.
Choose a desk, a chair, good lighting plus a few accessories to get them excited about the year ahead.
Personalize their space with photos and update it throughout the year.

From Farrow & Ball
Desk area paint colors – Stiffkey Blue No.281, Blackened No.2011 and Blazer No.212

study space

For your college student
Repurpose a dining table to create a work area.
If they have room in their off campus housing a sturdy table gives them plenty of room for their stuff.
And chances are it will not fall apart on (you) them on move out day.

study space, design risk, pink chair, home office

Nothing here has to be expensive & don’t stress out over the creative touches. It’s really about your child (at any age) & your effort in supporting them with an environment that they’re happy being in.

Some fun ideas for study spaces…

Create an accent wall behind the desk with paint or wall paper.
Wall paper below from Graham & Brown Frames Gold Wallpaper
Image from

Our Iconic frames wallpaper enjoys its 10 year anniversary this year so to celebrate we have produced some brand new color ways, this gold metallic version is an anniversary special and perfect for utilizing with kids’ artwork, notes and mementos, or leave blank for a funky look. – Graham & Brown


Create a display area.
I just love this inexpensive old school way to display photos and special treasures using clip boards.
kids study space with clip boards

Add color!
Color to the ceiling, color in accessories, color anywhere!

Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Dill Pickle 2147-40.
Spring Cleaning, Double Duty Bookcase Decorating

Create a comfortable reading area if there’s space.
Well maybe just a good area rug will do!

study space, my top 5 family room decorating ideas for a family friendly space

The weekend is almost here, enjoy!
And as always thanks for sharing your week with me ~ Nancy

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Favorite Home Decor Products with a Stripe Pattern

A Stripe pattern is pretty much considered a staple in home decor design.

Stripes come in many shapes and sizes …
Although a stripe is pretty cut and dry, there’s nothing ordinary about a stripe pattern. They run the gamut from large-scale to a pinstripe, vertical or horizontal & everywhere in-between.

Over the last couple of weeks it seems wherever I turned I saw some sort of stripe pattern …

We were at the Statue of Liberty; above is a picture overlooking the dock, there was even a wedding taking place!
Then taking a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, need I say more?
Watching A-Rod’s last game as a Yankee, Pinstripes all around.
And of course the Olympics, track & field, soccer, swimming, shot put … the list goes on.
Looking for an organic stripe pattern? just take a walk and notice all the beautiful trees.
Or check out a local farm with rows of planted flowers or vegetables ~ bonus amazing colors!
Then to top it off with the first football game of the season.
So stripes are really all around us in one form or another.

Stripes are actually very versatile.

So how to use stripe fabric patterns in your home?
Here of some of my favorite home decor products featuring a stripe pattern.

Stripes are easily added to a dominant floral fabric adding a sense of stability.
Think of adding a stripe pillow to your home décor bringing all the color elements together in one place.

Grey and Neutral Stripe Pillow from

stripe pattern

Stripes can be used as your main fabric too.
They look great in window treatment panels roman shades or cornices.

Window Treatments.
Roman Shade Window Treatment.
From Interior Design Services

Stripe Fabric. My Top 5 Shades of White Paint Colors, Benjamin Moore super white trim
Stripe Roman Shade by Intentional Designs, Inc. Trim Benjamin Moore Super White. Walls Benjamin Moore Breath of Fresh Air.

Stripes that are a bit out of the ordinary are a fun update to the standard stripe fabric.

Chimay Drapery Panels. Blue and White Window Treatments in a loosely designed stripe pattern.

stripe pattern
Chimay window Treatments from

Paint Treatment.
Painting an accent wall.
From Vern Yip’s Remodeled Kitchen

stripe pattern, 4 Best Decorative Kitchen Accessories
From Vern Yip’s newly remodeled kitchen.

A stripe pattern can also be designed loosely to add a touch of whimsy.
And Some stripe fabrics have a pattern within them but the stripe is nonetheless well-defined.
Upholstered banquette seating.
stripe pattern

Area Rugs.
Horizontal stripe area rug.
From Cottage Style Rooms guest room

stripe rug
from Cottage Style Rooms

Fresh modern wallpaper ideas.
From Isabelle Borchgrave for
stripe pattern

My Simple Real Life Truth ~
I think stripes are really a universally liked fabric, they’re all around us!
Over the years of design, I have found that using stripes is a good mediator between men and women.
Most people do not have an adverse reaction to the use of stripes in their home. The same cannot be said of many other fabric patterns.

It’s Monday! Make it a great week! ~ Nancy
be happy + be comfortable in your home

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Table Setting Ideas for Summer

Mid August and the push is on in the North East for those last weeks of outdoor entertaining!
Table Setting ideas whether it’s for a cup of early morning coffee, a quick bite or a dinner celebration is easy.

It’s really fun to play around with ideas to spruce up your outdoor space with a creative table setting.
Use what you have, purchase something new or create a diy project! Plus this time of year is the best to score big on outdoor accessories!

My Simple Real Life Truth ~
One of my most viewed pins is the one below from Event Designer David Stark.
I can see why we all gravitate towards this table setting design.
It’s the perfect combination of simplicity + drama.

from How To Plan a party Like Event Designer David Stark

Here are few simple ways to get creative with your outdoor table settings

Use a table cloth.
An easy update to your table setting is to add a table cloth.
This navy table cloth just sets the stage for anything else you have. And as a bonus, if you don’t have an outdoor table no worries, you can use a couple of folding tables.
In addition, a great diy tip ~ purchase fabric from the fabric store to use as your table cloth!

from Dinner Party Celebrating the Autumn Equinox
table setting

Boho Chic design inspiration.
A mixing of patterns & textures plus a collection of some sort seals the deal for classic Boho Design.
Adding a pillow to the chairs, create a simple table runner and feature a collection of glass bottle vases.

from 9 Budget Friendly Back Yard Ideas
table setting, boho design

Keep it simple.
Grab your china for inspiration and let it take center stage.
You can see how the pink accents work to compliment the Villeroy + Boch China.

from Villeroy and Boch

table setting
Villeroy and Boch

It’s Thursday, the weekend is just a day away!
Have a great one & as always thanks for sharing your week with me ~ Nancy
be happy + be comfortable in your home

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Storage Solutions with Personal Style

Storage Solutions are an issue for everyone at every age and every decorating style! So let’s think outside of the cardboard boxes in search of storage solutions with personal style.

My Simple Real Life Truth ~
One of my early design jobs was teenage girls room. At a point in time decorating teens rooms for their birthday’s was a popular gift idea. I have to admit it was super fun working with Mom’s and their daughters! Mom requested a desk for her daughter but it had to be a forever piece. So I found an iron and wood bakers rack, perfect for a desk surface plus storage for books and photos. ~ Nancy

Check out this master bath from HGTV Dream Home 2014. The Etagere is amazing! Such a great piece for a bathroom. Master Bath, Dream Home 2014. Paint Color Snowbound SW7004

Storage solutions,  HGTV Dream Home 2014, Master Bath
HGTV Dream Home 2014, Master Bath

For a Living or Family room I love this idea of slipping an upholstered ottoman under an existing cocktail table then topping it off with a tray! Just brilliant! You’ve stored away additional seating & combined it with a tray on top to keep things organized.
From We Go Inside Vicente Wolf and Matthew Yee’s Montauk, New York, Getaway

Storage solutions, Decorating with White Januarys COM
Interior designers Vicente Wolf and Matthew Yee

Storage Solutions come in all shapes and sizes; think about incorporating a dresser into a room other than a bedroom for storage.

This dresser admittedly is pretty awesome and really that’s the key here.
So, first find a piece that’s pretty awesome and it will most likely become a focal point!

From Apartment Living

Storage solutions, From Apartment Living
From Apartment Living

Ok this may not seem like storage. But taking “dead” space and turning it into usable space like this desk area is always a good idea!
From A Young Family’s West Hollywood Home

storage, desk
From A Young Family’s West Hollywood Home. Newly created desk area.

So whatever your storage requirements are all you need is a little inspiration to let your personality shine through!

Have a great day!
be happy + be comfortable in your home

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Gold, Friday’s Metal Count

The olympics are in full swing now and its pretty exciting with the Medal Counts heating up!
Michael Phelps has now won 4 Gold medals, and The US star claimed the 22nd Olympic gold of his Olympic career Thursday after powering past the opposition in the final of the 200-meter individual

Gold home accessories and home decor have been on the rise & are now popping up everywhere.

Gold in just about anyway, shape or form for home decor has reclaimed it’s spot at the top; from fabrics enhanced with gold, end tables, chandeliers, mirrors, table top accessories to cabinet hardware (yes it’s back) has some great cabinetry hardware in gold!

Gold tops the new metal count at home edging out silver by a just a bit but none the less moving ahead!

Maddie Pillow collection features rich color tones with gold accents!

Gold, Get the look! Cozy celebrity family room
Maddie Pillow Collection from

Silver is still a popular choice and by no means a meager second best.

Croc Top Leather Ottoman with silver nail heads

Gold, Croc Top Leather Ottoman
Croc Top Leather Ottoman from

Bronze is a classic, but the new trend Matte Black finishes can not be ignored.

Chateau Bar Cart in Matte Black with Gold Accents.

Gold, Bar Cart
Chateau Tray Bar Cart from

My Take away ~
Gold has always been thought of as more traditional and Silver more contemporary, but not any more!
So the best thing about gold coming on strong is the fresh new designs we’re seeing.
Even better, you don’t have to choose one or the other, mixing metals makes a room more interesting, less “matchy-matchy”.
So go for the Gold, Silver, Bronze + throw in a little Matte Black too!

It’s Friday!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend,
and as always thanks for sharing your week with me! ~ Nancy

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Favorite Accent Wall Ideas

Ever wonder what is or how to add an accent wall?

My Simple Real Life Truth ~
Does anyone remember back in the 90’s to early 2000 the enormous amount of wallpaper we all had in our homes?
I had pear wallpaper in my kitchen, tone on tone stripe in the dining room, toile in the guest room.
However, wallpaper border at the ceiling was never something I gravitated towards. Although I remember when my first son was born I found a large-scale wall paper with animals on it and I thought that would be perfect as a border above the baseboard so he could see the animals while playing.

An Accent wall can be designed in many ways, here are a few of our favorites!


Wallpaper from Farrow & Ball, Feather Grass
I love how this wall paper really is a “large-scale border design”, and the design is featured at the bottom above the baseboard.

Accent Wall Options, Farrow & Ball Wallpaper Feather Grass
Farrow & Ball Wallpaper Feather Grass


From Surprising Ways to Display Your Art

Seems like this rooms does not need a thing to make it more interesting! Yet the accent wall in a rich deep blue lacquered finish creates a focal point drawing your interest into the space and at the same time pulling all the elements together.

Accent Wall, Surprising ways to display your art Surprising ways to display your art


Shiplap is really pretty awesome it adds so much depth to the design of a space by providing a casual backdrop for accessories and furnishings.
A Shiplap accent wall will add interest & texture to an otherwise common space.

From HGTV’s Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Accent Wall, So what exactly is shiplap??
Shiplap, Fixer Upper Chip and Joanna Gaines


Stikwood is such a cool product!
Stikwood is unique, lightweight and easy to install, therefore a good option for an accent wall.

Image below from
“upgrade your man cave into a rustic getaway” –

accent wall, stickwood

And last but not least

Brick or Stone

Another popular material for an accent wall is stacked stone.
Stacked Stone has been all the rage in the last few years however I’m now beginning to see brick walls paving the way.
It seems like if you were lucky enough to find a space with “exposed brick” it pretty much sealed the deal.
And because brick is so in demand it makes sense that we are seeing options available for easier interior installations.

Accent Wall

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home decorating, diy Cozy Colorful & Comfy Kitchen Seating

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