DIY Project: $18 End Table Refinishing

End table refinishing project comes in at $18.00. Our DIY up cycling project for January could not have been easier!

Shopping at flea markets or thrift stores can be overwhelming but if you keep and open mind, have a budget & enjoy some good food chances are you’ll have a fun time whether you buy something or not!

I just love this end table refinishing project, it began with …
my frequent stops along the road and into thrift stores sometimes turn up treasures and sometimes not. I try to keep an open mind and imagine repurposing found objects. However I do have a list of things I would like to find but when your shopping thrift stores it’s hit or miss.

end table refinishing

The good, the bad & the ugly… our end table refinishing project.

So, while at our local Good Stuff Thrift Store I spotted this end table priced at $18.00. Immediately I was drawn to it because of its lines plus it was super sturdy. The lacquer finish had begun to crack and turned the end table an orange color. The top has a parquet design which had a couple of chips around the corner and it was pretty scratched up. All in all the good outweighed the bad for me, so in the car it went!

end table refinishing
BEFORE: end table refinishing

As I began the sanding process paint was still the end game. But as the odd thick lacquer coating that had turned the finish orange dissipated the natural wood revealed was really nice so painting was no longer was an option. Even the ugly parquet top that was chipped bloomed into a welcomed feature. Although sanding took most of the lacquer layers off, I didn’t want to make the finish look uniform. So I intentionally sanded it creating (or keeping) a layered or distressed look to the piece.

The one thing I have to say is that this end table refinishing project was mess to sand. I took precautions by wearing a mask & gloves plus sanding outside was a must for me. But on the other hand all I needed was a nice day, sand paper, gloves, goggles and some water & rags to wipe it down between sanding.

Finally, I decided not to apply a protective finishing coat because I like it just the way it is. But I’m not concerned, that’s the beauty of up cycling furniture pieces!

So here it is in all its natural glory!

end table refinishing
AFTER: end table refinishing

At the end of the day searching for a treasure and making it your own is just fun!

end table refinishing

Happy Friday, have a great weekend!
And as always thanks for sharing your week with us ~ Nancy
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Perfect Pairings: Decorating with Blue

Decorating with Blue has never been easier! especially because blue home décor is a top pick for the majority of homeowners.

Here’s a look at a Sherwin-Williams Paint Palette
Pottery Barn Seasonal Colors for Fall/Winter 2016 that include 3 beautiful deep blue tones.

decorating with blue

decorating with blue
Pottery Barn Seasonal Collections Fall/Winter 2016 for

It’s interesting watching trends come and go, because as consumers our choices can be limited to trend forecasting. After all the larger stores need to stock inventory hedging far in advance what you their customer will purchase. So sometimes our color palette is easy to find and sometimes it’s nowhere to be found.

But we’re all in luck if it’s Navy that you’re looking for! Decorating with Blue gives you so many options to work with.

Below are 3 images from Pottery Barn Color Collections Fall/Winter 2016 above.

Wall paint colors are Regatta SW 6517, Colonnade Gray SW7641, and Spatial White SW 6259.

Navy Blue Decorating Ideas
Pottery Barn Paint Color Collection for Sherwin-Williams

My takeaways ~

I have to add Regatta SW 6517 to my list of favorite Dark Blue Paint Colors! Using Regatta as an accent wall gives this space an identity of it’s own. Adding curtains in deep blue supports the accent wall while bringing the color around the room.

Pairing Colonnade Gray SW7641 with Navy decorative accents works seamlessly well. Defining the space with an area rug then bringing the color up with pillows and touches in the artwork keeps the space open and bright yet grounded and warm.

And the third room painted in Spatial White SW 6259 gives room for any accent color. However, if you’re a Navy person this palette is crisp, fun and inviting. The touches of Navy and Orange on the bed alone brings clear attention to the bed, which in most cases is the focal point of a bedroom.

One last discovery for decorating with blue, Sherwin-Williams Color Tool ColorSnap. It’s a fun and easy way to look at paint color in different room settings, even your own!

Have a great week! ~ Nancy
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Home office-decorating think outside the box!

Home office-decorating in January just seems to be the place to begin organizing after a busy holiday season.

As the holiday’s come to a close we’re left with a little cleaning up to do. Whether it’s a pile of ignored paperwork, email or simply getting the house back together, January seems to be the ideal time to get it done!

But where to start …

Well since this week is “Home office safety & Security Week” it seems like a good place to begin. And with the ever-increasing trend towards Remote Working, your home office may be in need of a serious makeover!

Clutter, especially in your home office can act as a deterrent from moving forward with full energy and clarity. According to Feng Shui, “clutter is one of the biggest obstacles blocking positive flow of good things into your life.”

But, not everything is clutter!
Sometimes there just isn’t a place to put things. If this is the case, it’s time to investigate storage solutions to work into your home office-decorating.

Lucky for you, storage solutions whether it’s a DIY project, permanent built-in storage, or maybe just some good shelving and a coat of paint are in abundance and usually on sale this month!

You know what, do it for you! Begin designing your home office to suit your needs both visually and for organization.

Here are few tips to get you going on your home office-decorating project for a prosperous 2017!

Small space home office-decorating ideas:
If you’re just starting out and don’t have a lot of space or money…
Stay stylishly organized with floating shelving.
Paint! A color combination that makes you feel good will keep you that way throughout the day.

home office-decorating
Image from

My tip~
Lighting is key in any home office but especially if you choose a deeper hue paint color. So to make it work, add a variety of lighting from task to general lighting.
A couple of my favorite deep Blue Paint colors are, Hale Navy HC-154 and Lucerne AF-530 from Benjamin Moore.
The image below is an example of an interactive paint color tool from that that’s very easy to use and really helpful.

home office-decorating
Image from using their online tool: Walls-Hale Navy HC-154, Trim-Gray Owl OC-52, Ceiling-Simply White OC-117.

Add your personality:
What’s your design style? The great thing about a home office is that you can decorate anyway you like! If vintage is your style, go for it, personalize your home office with wallpaper!

office home-decorating
From Vintage Home Office Decor

Blend your home office into your family, living or dining room.
This idea may take a little more planning to achieve but is definitely doable!
And the benefit is that you have a large open space to enjoy your day in while you work!

home office-decorating
Blend your home office into your living space, image from

It’s Friday!! I hope everyone has a fun weekend!
And as always thanks for sharing your week with us ~ Nancy
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Navy Blue: 2017 Color Trend

Navy Blue is on the rise for home decor in 2017! Shades of blue have always had a broad-based appeal with homeowners. So it’s no surprise that Navy Blue is trending!

Navy Blue is on my radar for the color to watch in 2017 for a few reasons. Navy gives deeper gray tones a little competition. It also works well with lighter gray tones. And paired with white, Navy rivals the traditional Black & White palette.

Injecting navy blue in your home can be as simple as paint or home decor accents, decorative accessories or upholstery pieces.

If you don’t have a lot of natural light in your room, try painting an accent wall in a blue.
Photo below from

Navy Blue, February 2016 Top Decorating Ideas

Add a few accent pillows or draperies. Fabrics below are from our shopping site

Navy Blue, May's color of the month ... Blue
Blue fabrics with Barcelona Beige Paint

Home accessories in a collection of blue & white add a sophisticated pop of color.

Navy Blue
Blue and white sitting area by designer Dennis Basso for

Wilshire Sofa from Williams-Sonoma Home,

Navy Blue
Wilshire Sofa from

A blue color scheme is a great choice for just about any room of your home. It’s associated with calmness, confidence & intelligence and perceived as soothing.

Because blue is a cool color it can be perceived as cold maybe even aloof. In addition this cool color is often thought not to be an appetizing choice for a dining room or kitchen. Personally, I really like blue and especially a navy & white color scheme for a dining room or kitchen. So basically it’s up to you!

From A Brooklyn Brownstone “For Love of a House” The Dining Room flows right into the kitchen with custom cabinets painted in Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue HC-156.

My Tip:
Add blue tones to balance a southern sunny exposure.

Hope you’ve all had a great holiday season!
Many many thanks for continuing to support our blog!
In 2016 we’ve seen a significant increase in our subscribers and readership, we’re up over 900 now!
Plus we’ve added a shopping site, specializing in curtains sold in pairs.
I’m excited for to see what 2017 will bring us all!

be happy + be comfortable in your home ~ nancy

2016 home decor trends …

2016 home decor trends what will their fate be? it’s in your hands!

A Trend or Fad According to Wikipedia ~
Similar to habits or customs but less durable, fads often result from an activity or behavior being perceived as emotionally popular or exciting within a peer group or being deemed “cool” as often promoted by social networks.

A fad is said to “catch on” when the number of people adopting it begins to increase to the point of being noteworthy. Fads often fade quickly when the perception of novelty is gone.

As time moves on so do trends.
Trends come and go, some morph and change and some reach popularity quickly then just seem to disappear. While some trends will have staying power at the end of the day some may not.

I remember when ultra-suede came into play for upholstery fabrics. As a designer it was exciting, a fabric that was pretty much indestructible, perfect for a growing family. Ultra-suede seemed to be an overnight trend then moved into the background slowly taking its place as a favorite choice for upholstery.

A look back at some of our 2016 home decor trends …

Color Color Color

From shades of white to kale, blue or pink; color has nudged its way into our homes once again.

Colorful Interiors, Dining Chairs
See Nadja Swarovski’s Colorful Family Home Outside of London


Textural solids, boho chic patterns and graphic prints have warmed our hearts once again in an upbeat modern way.
From cozy velvets to Ikat or Stripes we’re enjoying these unique patterns and textural fabrics at home.

Behind the Design: Bedroom Window Treatments, Trend Watch: Ikat Print Draperies

Shiplap wall treatment

Ok, this one has conflicted reviews. Has Shiplap reached its peak? Will Shiplap become dated in 2017? Or will it carry on?

Shiplap has been around a long, long, long time.
Originally these horizontal boards were used as a method of building.
And once these boards became uncovered they were up-cycled as a wall treatment. Then thanks to “Fixer Upper” we have all been enjoying this design element!
So, broadly looking at the Shiplap trend, it’s basically become the idea of a horizontal wall treatment.
So, I assume this horizontal wall treatment will continue to morph and grow in popularity.

2017 Fashion Trends, Accent Wall, So what exactly is shiplap??
Shiplap, Fixer Upper Chip and Joanna Gaines

Boho Chic interior decor
Bohemian Design or Boho Chic has resurfaced in a big way! Combining prints like Ikat or Suzanni that lead the way in with textural fabrics like velvets & faux furs plus natural elements. This more is more attitude flows with rich colors, patterns, textures and collections.

design plan, mixing home decor fabric patterns
Boho Design by Justina Blakeney

Natural Materials

From reclaimed wood pieces to a sisal rug, natural elements bring warmth and balance to a room.

Adding Natural Materials has been a strong 2016 home decor trend that will continue on in different unique ways.

Behind the Design: Window Treatments Function, Fabric Roman Shades
Behind the Design: Window Treatments Function. Fabric Roman Shades perfect solution if your tight on space. Photo from

Gold or Silver accents
A little bit of gold and or silver always adds a touch brightness. And yes you can mix the metals!

design plan, HGTV 2016 Dream Home Paint Colors by Glidden
HGTV 2016 Dream Home Paint Colors by Glidden

So as our 2016 home decor trends come and go…

hold on to what you like ….
be happy + be comfortable in your home

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Holiday Season.
Many Blessings for a healthy and happy 2017 ~ Nancy

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4 DIY Holiday Centerpieces

Are your short on time this holiday season? We’ve come up with 4 simple DIY holiday centerpieces to add a bit of holiday cheer to your home!

All of the centerpieces are designed by using the greens from our Christmas tree. As we were choosing our tree, I asked that they bundle up leftover branches for me. So, basically these are free decorations made from the branches of our Christmas Tree!

My Simple real life truth ~
Decorating with greens throughout the house for Christmas is one of my favorite things to do at the Holidays. Without a doubt it’s an easy & quick way to warm up any room. From Kitchen Islands, to coffee tables, to a dining room center piece or just to tuck on an end table. And it’s basically free!

To make these DIY holiday centerpieces, I used what I had in the house & then added greens…

Keeping things informal using a large pitcher as a vase combined with a vintage Spode platter sets the stage for an informal brunch.

DIY holiday centerpieces

Working with an unusual container such as this felt bucket it suddenly morphs into an awesome vase.
Just place a glass container inside, fill with greens & top it off with a natural element like this star.
The casual feel the felt container is perfect especially for a family room. Just make sure to keep the pine branches low so you can see over it.

DIY holiday centerpieces

Mixing casual and formal pieces is one of my favorite things to do. So this dining room centerpiece was really a fun piece to design.
Grounding the DIY holiday centerpiece is a large tray with a mirror bottom.
Three tall glass vases filled with wine corks and branches provide color & height.
Then the smaller red vase filled with a sprig of pine that sits upon a vintage silver trivet adds warmth.
Votive candles tucked around the arrangement finishes it off.

DIY holiday centerpieces

Easy easy … to tuck a few greens on an end table!
I have a cut glass vase that I love and filled it with greens … simple!
Then I added one of our favorite Christmas decorations this adorable vintage teddy bear from B. Altman, he’s almost 30 years old!
It’s the simplicity of the greens with the formality of the vase combined with a personal element that makes it warm and welcoming.

DIY holiday centerpieces

Enjoy your Monday, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend ~ Nancy
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Pantone 2017 Color of the Year

Pantone 2017 Color of the Year unveiled today … Greenery 15-0343


PANTONE 2017 Color of the Year, 15-0343 GREENERY
Refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings.

Fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew.

Nature’s neutral. The more submerged people are in modern life, the greater their innate craving to immerse themselves in the physical beauty and inherent unity of the natural world.

Life-affirming shade, Greenery is also emblematic of the pursuit of personal passions and vitality.

My Simple Real Life Truth ~
Ahhhh, love this color! It’s uplifting, bright and works with so many current colors.
My pick for color of the year was a pale green, pretty excited I was on the right track! Some reasons why I chose a pale green? With all the prevalent colors we are seeing now from Gray to Navy, Green allows a space for your eye to rest. Also, shades of green naturally will work with so many color palettes making it a frugal pick. And it seems in todays life-style we strive not to be wasteful.

So, from NINE color palettes to consider with Pantone 2017 Color of the Year, Greenery.

Pantone 2017 Color
TRANSITIONS 2017 Color Palette from Pantone
Pantone 2017 Color
ETHEREAL MATERIAL 2017 Color Palette from Pantone
Pantone 2017 Color
GRAND CANYON 2017 Color Palette from Pantone
Pantone 2017 Color
FOREST FLOOR 2017 Color Palette from Pantone
Pantone 2017 Color
REV IT UP 2017 Color Palette from Pantone
Pantone 2017 Color
FATHOMLESS 2017 Color Palette from Pantone
Pantone 2017 Color
ANALAGOUS 2017 Color Palette from Pantone
Pantone 2017 Color
MOODY BLOOMS 2017 Color Palette from Pantone
Pantone 2017 Color
DEEP ROOTED 2017 Color Palette from Pantone
Pantone 2017 Color
CALM IT DOWN 2017 Color Palette from Pantone

Happy Friday! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend
and as always thanks for sharing your week with us! ~ Nancy
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