Kids Bedrooms … Decorating tips to grow with them!

Kids Bedrooms seem to be in constant change mode! So how do we keep up with their ever-changing needs? Here are a few design tips I’ve learned over the years decorating kids bedrooms at every age! Continue reading “Kids Bedrooms … Decorating tips to grow with them!”

5 Small Bathrooms with Big Style!

Who says small bathrooms can’t be amazing!

So many styles to consider! From minimalist, bohemian and opulent designs to kids bathrooms and powder rooms … don’t hold back small bathrooms like small spaces are just fun to design!

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Blush Pink Color Trend Summer 2017

While Spring is still trying to peek through, we’re looking ahead to Summer color trends and Blush Pink is popping up all over!

Beginning last year with Pantone 2016 colors of the year Serenity & Rose Quartz, in 2017 we’re seeing both colors continue to trend. Continue reading “Blush Pink Color Trend Summer 2017”

Inspiring brown & white room designs

Brown & White color palettes are rivaling for a top spot in the final 4! Choosing a color palette for your home is often times the most challenging.  But once you commit to your color choices the rest of your design decisions just seem to flow!  We’re beginning to see more and more Brown & White color palettes. Although gray, blue and black and white color schemes are still on the forefront, brown & white is making a strong comeback!   Continue reading “Inspiring brown & white room designs”

Kitchen cabinet paint color ideas

Trending for 2017 Colorful Kitchen Cabinetry. Kitchen cabinet paint color ideas are only limited by your imagination!
Although shades of white, gray and black still remain among the top go to paint colors. Make room for colorful kitchen cabinet paint color ideas! We’re exploring color palettes ranging from cheerful greens, earth tone oranges, sophisticated taupe and all shades of blue.

Are you considering a kitchen update? Then take a look at the beautiful kitchen cabinet paint color ideas below!

As much as these colors capture our imagination they can also shift our entire way of approaching a kitchen design.

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HGTV Smart Home 2017 Paint Colors

This years HGTV Smart Home 2017 Paint Colors flow through the home from whites to deep gray tones. Located in Scottsdale, AZ, this home has casual welcoming feel “taking its cues from nature”.

Interior Designer Tiffany Brooks defines each room with a distinct personality through pops of color, architectural detail and inspired furnishings. Continue reading “HGTV Smart Home 2017 Paint Colors”

Shiplap Inspired Design Ideas

Shiplap inspired design ideas are soaring everywhere from to Pinterest. So are you the slight bit interested in adding a shiplap inspired design element to your home? Then take a look and decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Make sure to check out more of this amazing Montauk home (image above) featured in by Robert McKinley Designs. Continue reading “Shiplap Inspired Design Ideas”