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I was at the Brooklyn Flea the Fort Greene location on Lafayette Avenue in the spring and really loved the offerings there and am curious to see what if any regional differences there are in the markets. My husband and I met my son, his girl friend, my niece and her boy friend there. It was really really interesting to me to see what we all gravitated towards and it opened my mind up to things I had not thought about.

The Brooklyn Flea was full of inspiration and talented artisans. Oh and the food was really really good. Making a day of it is the best way to go for me, taking a walk around the area and heading for coffee, a bite to eat or to a beer garden for a local brew!
Brooklyn Flea http://www.brooklynflea.com

I’m really really really excited for the Clover Market this Sunday June 9th. I have not been to a Clover Market before and hear that it is fantastic!! I’m prepared with a list, budget and an open mind.

Clover Market
Clover Market

Clover Market – Lucky Finds for the Home.

I love to visit local markets like the Clover Market, it’s a great way to spend the day and to experience a new area. The Clover Market is on Lancaster Avenue in Ardmore, PA. The US Open Golf tournament will be opening that day at the Merion Golf Club so I’m sure it will be busy around town that day. I’m not too familiar with that area so I think it will be a fun day with all that is going on.

have a great weekend and enjoy shopping saturday/sunday ~ nancy

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