Decorating Links Week 16

Decorating Links Week 16 took us on a tour of Mindy Kaling’s newly renovated Los Angeles home and her New York City apartment.  And we’ll take a look at Boho Designs, and we’ve got one awesome diy project for you too! Plus we’ve followed up on Philly Mag’s 2017 Battle of the Burger … with the top 6 burgers!

And some Good News we’ve been nominated for Best Company Blog 2017! Voting began Monday August 7th and closes on Friday September 15th @ 5pm!

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So when you stop at the farm market on the way home from the beach this weekend …

First, our Decorating Links Week 16 begins with our asking for your vote!

Our blog has been nominated for Best Interior Design Blog by Amara Blog Awards!  Voting Begins Monday August 7th and closes September 15th. It’s quite an honor and we’re all super excited!

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Secondly, from the Blog 

decorating links week 16
Cheers Floral Wreath

Our Favorite diy of the week, How to make a floral hoop wreath! from Blog site

I just love this wreath it reminds me of my friend Wendy’s decorating style 🙂

Then as a follow-up on Philly Mag 2017 Battle of the Burger, the top 6 have advanced to the live cook-off on August 27, 2017. Visit the link to purchase tickets & more information.

And … Drum Roll … The Top 6 Burgers Are …

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Then our house tour was all about Mindy Kaling! Visit her Los Angeles home at

And Mindy Kaling’s NY Apartment also at

With touches of boho design threaded throughout Mindy Kaling’s homes, visit our blog post Boho Style: The One Hot Summer Trend for more about Bohemian Design.

Then we finished up by looking at architectural details that go into home design … like Interior Door trends from

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