Fenway Paint Collection a Home Run Hit!

Fenway Paint Colors like Boston Blue and Foul Pole Yellow by Benjamin Moore are a fun collection of colors sure to score big with kids and fans at any age! Green Paint colors are once again gaining popularity as a top pick for home interior paint colors. So with Spring Training in full swing be on the lookout for The Green Monster, it just may find its way into your home!

My Simple Real Life Truth ~
Recently I was in Boston and visited Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox. And as a Yankee fan I have to say the Boston fans were awesome, we had a lot of fun! Touring Fenway was a great experience and so rich in history. I left inspired thinking that sports fans would enjoy a nod to Fenway at home by sprucing up a man cave or a kid’s bedroom!
Which then led me to Benjamin Moore’s locally made paint collection appropriately named The Fenway Collection.

These unique Fenway Paint Colors from Benjamin Moore are made & sold locally. With 5 historic Fenway Paint colors sure to get you excited for this years Spring Training Season.

  • Green Monster
  • Boston Blue
  • Boston Red
  • Foul Pole Yellow
  • Baseline White
  • Now, are you considering painting with a Fenway Paint Collection color palette?

    My Tips~
    First, Start with a Home Run Plan
    When painting a kid’s bedroom bold colors especially deep hues like Foul Pole Yellow or Boston Red can become overwhelming.
    • So, you’ve decided to use The Fenway Paint Palette.
    • Now choose which Fenway colors & neutral paint colors you want to use and where.
    For Example, begin with The Green Monster for an accent wall behind the bed. And Baseline White for trim and doors.
    • Then at the same time choose accessories representing the palette such as draperies, bedding, pillows, lighting, or an area rug.
    Accessories like Boston Red draperies. And pillows in Foul Pole Yellow.

    Second, Think outside the Batters Box
    • Finally, utilize bold paint colors to repurpose furniture pieces like a chair, bench, end tables or a dresser.
    Then finish off the room by painting a reclaimed or Ikea bench at the foot of the bed in Boston Blue.

    Hope you all had a great weekend! Enjoy Spring Training Season! ~ Nancy
    be happy + be comfortable in your home

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