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“My company, Intentional Designs, Inc., is a culmination of years of hard work and love of what I do and the belief in home and family with the knowledge that your surroundings absolutely affects your spirit.” -nancy

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Photo’s above from the “IDA’s”, Philadelphia Interior Design Awards Gala.

All Photography at the Gala provided by Rich McMullin, Philadelphia.

My Bio ~
Real Life Design

Life today…a husband, two grown sons, house and home (which has now become a career). Looking back I think how did I get to my unintentional “redesigned life.”

I’m the owner and founder of Intentional Designs, Inc. that started out as a residential and hospitality interior design firm in Bucks County …

And today, our expanded on-line home decor store https://IntentionalDesigns.com/Shop, offers a selection of beautiful custom quality draperies & pillows, table top linens & entertaining pieces plus home decor accessories.

Growing up on Long Island with dreams of a career in broadcasting, I put myself through college, receiving a BS degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in TV Production from The University of Hartford in Connecticut. After graduating I was fortunate to land a job with CBS in New York City working for Walter Cronkite’s Universe and Two On The Town.

I married my high school sweetheart, have two sons and live in Bucks County, PA. Shortly after our first son was born, we began a series of transfers due to my husbands career. We moved every eight to twelve months – from Garden City (NY), to Scranton (PA), to Holland (PA), to Smithtown (NY), to Maple Grove (MN), and now finally settled in Bucks County (PA). My family has always been the center of my life and with all this moving, redecorating was my way to make each new house feel like home – and quickly. I didn’t realize through all our moves I was on the path to a new career.

Over those years of transfers I enjoyed this continuing challenge of decorating. I always thought it was important to make each house we lived in a home for my boys, even if it was only for 8 months – even more importantly, if it were for only 8 months. Being a Mom, I think we want our children to be comfortable; their home to be a safe haven. We, as most young families, did not have a large budget for decorating, so I developed my crafty side and made almost everything myself – from window treatments and furniture refinishing to installing carpeting with my husband (actually along the way he has become very handy).

It was important to me that my boys grew up knowing and valuing their family and friends from all the places we lived. One of the projects I designed that has stayed with us through all of the moves was to custom frame a large bulletin board — the kind you get from an office supply store. We have displayed the “board” in each of our kitchens and enjoy updating it with pictures of our life, friends and family. We still have the same board in our kitchen today and continue to update the pictures; it’s a real talking point with our friends and family to see if their picture is on “the board”.

When we were transferred back to Pennsylvania eighteen years ago we purchased a new construction home. Before we moved in I started to do my thing while still in Minnesota. I developed a space plan from construction plans, to save money I purchased furniture in Minnesota before we moved, and researched where to buy fabrics. When we got to the new house, I sewed and put up window treatments, developed custom paint colors at the local paint store and added accessories.. We were set up pretty quickly. My goal was to get back to real life for the family as soon as possible. One day I hosted a brunch with our neighborhood moms and their children to get to know everyone. It was winter, the kids were all running around inside as the adults were enjoying getting to know one another.

Here is where I had a life changing moment. My new neighbor asked me how I decorated my home so quickly and why I decided to place the sofa here and the lamp there. She encouraged me not to waste this talent for decorating and that I should develop it into a career. It never occurred to me as it was just what I did to ease the transition of moving the family so often and to make each house our new home. I became passionate about this idea and at this point considered redesigning my life. With my new vision for a career in design I earned a Certificate Degree from the Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, while raising my school-age boys.

As a family we became immersed in the community, each season was filled with a full roster of sports, my sons playing and my husband coaching, and it was such fun. There was DAA Baseball, CBAA Basketball, Lenape Valley Football, East Football and Junior Legion Baseball. At the same time I was finishing my design degree surrounded by beautiful, new and exciting design concepts, I would transition quickly into Mom on the field cheering on one of our sons or one of our friends’ sons or daughters. It was on these fields we met our dearest friends and our sons grew up in this magical place.

Another life changing moment was recognizing what living our life was all about. Being the only female in a “sea of guys” I had to adapt my design ideas to the reality of a living, breathing, day-to-day life, while satisfying my desire for a distinctive and attractive home. So when someone asks me about my style of decorating, I call my style “Real Life.” And, that’s what I try to bring to each of my decorating endeavors. When interviewing a client, I like to come away with who they are, what they can live with, and then challenge myself to design their perfect space based on their real life.

My company, Intentional Designs, Inc., is a culmination of years of hard work and love of what I do coupled with the belief in home and family and the knowledge that your surroundings absolutely will affect your spirit.

Some of my current work includes ~
As of November 2015 the Days Inn in Doylestown, PA project has been completed. It has been a phenomenal project to work on. With a redesign for the Breakfast Area and Lobby and 45 Guest Rooms the transformation is complete!

Currently working on revamping a Pizzeria & Grille, it’s an exciting project with an amazing design plan!

Recently, after completing a wonderful residential project in Buckingham, the homeowner said to me, “I didn’t think I would use this room as much, but the chair is so comfortable I now sit in the room and read and really enjoy it.” That is the highest compliment I could receive, that the homeowner treasures their home and lives in it with joy.

On-Line Retail Store
We are thrilled to announce the opening of our On-line Retail store https://IntentionalDesigns.com/Shop, offering beautiful custom quality draperies & pillows, table top linens & entertaining pieces plus home decor accessories. All of our fabric collections have been hand selected by me! to bring you current fabric patterns and colors that are workable with many different color palettes and design styles. Our custom draperies & pillows are made in the USA to assure you of the finest quality available.

I’ve been actively blogging since 2012 and just love it. IntentionalDesigns.com receives over 1500 readers per week coupled with a Pinterest following of over 3500 per week. I am constantly learning, traveling and participating in Blogging Conferences to bring readers content they will find helpful in their journey.

As an active Allied ASID member of the Pennsylvania East Chapter, I was asked by the Interior Design Awards committee to Chair the IDA 2013 Gala. What an honor and opportunity to give back to the ASID and the Philadelphia Community. I’ve also served on the Philadelphia East Chapter ASID Board as Director at Large.

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