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New ID’s Online Decorating Services!
by Nancy @

If you’re looking for design direction but don’t have time, check out our Online Decorating Services!

ID can now bring you a customized design plan online!

What you can expect from our online decorating service.

Our team will get to work providing you with 10 key design elements.
1. Floor plan
2. 1 Elevation
3. Recommended furnishings included on the floor plan
– Plus a specification sheet for each product
4. Recommended accessories on floor plan (and maybe a few extras as options)
– Plus a specification sheet for each product if available
5. Actual fabrics samples
6. Photo of the furniture finishes
7. Recommended Paint color options
8. Info on where to purchase recommended products

As a bonus
9. A Design Binder with all the above information to keep at your fingertips

10. Floor plan #2, sometimes there is more than one good option so we want you to have the choice.

*Please note we will do our best to provide actual samples of products but some manufacturers may not provide fabric/finish samples or product specification sheets. In that case, we will do our best to get the information you need to make the best decision possible.

Will use all our resources to produce the highest level of design for your space; however, if you prefer a particular retailer or paint manufacturer just let us know.

When you can expect your Design Binder …
Within 4-6 weeks after we receive all your information and payment and take time to chat about your project for a bit.

After you receive your Custom Design Binder lets talk. You may have questions so let’s go over things.

So, lets get started! First we’ll need to know about your unique style.

After payment has been accepted, we’ll email you ID’s Decorating Services Online Client Information Sheet for you to fill out.
The Client information Sheet gives us a good idea of what you’re looking for.

And we’ll also need some specific details.
Measurements of your space.
Photo’s of your space.
Design style.
Color palette preference.
Photo’s or website links to images you like
Info on how the space is to function. For example … Do you need a reading nook? TV or no TV?
Any special considerations … Kids? pets friendly?
What pieces are staying in your space? What are the measurements of those pieces?

After we receive your information we’ll contact you …
Let’s talk it over.
We want to know about you …
We’ll chat for a bit to get a good idea of what you want.

Fee’s for ID’s Online Decorating Services.
150 sq. ft. or under such as a Bedroom or a home office – $725
150 sq. ft. or over such as a Master Bedroom or a Bedroom with sitting area, Living Room, Great Room, Dining Room – $1250

Payment for the program is available at our shopping site

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