Just for the fun of it … 10 Freestanding Tubs

Are you thinking about a bathroom update that includes a Freestanding Tub?  Well, you’re in luck then … take a look at these 10 Freestanding Tubs.  And because Freestanding Tubs have been trending for a while now replacing the deck style tub enclosures there are plenty more to choose from!

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So here’s a look at 10 Freestanding tubs in modern to farmhouse chic bathrooms complete with shiplap walls.



And when choosing a freestanding tub it’s not the options are not just black & white … the styles, shapes, sizes & colors of freestanding tubs are endless.

So what to consider when looking for a freestanding tub for your bathroom renovation?

  1. First, measure the space for your tub to determine the size you’ll need.
  2. Then, look at design styles that fit your taste.  For example, you may want more of a modern tub design or perhaps only a claw foot tub will do.
  3. And finally, go over the details with your contractor or designer to make sure your freestanding will fit in the space!

So thanks for stopping in and we hope you’ve left inspired! ~ Nancy
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