Kids Bedrooms … Decorating tips to grow with them!

Kids Bedrooms seem to be in constant change mode! So how do we keep up with their ever-changing needs? Here are a few design tips I’ve learned over the years decorating kids bedrooms at every age!

Amazing girls bedroom above image from, Inside a Charming Cape Cod Escape.

kids bedrooms
Caribbean Cool 661 Benjamin Moore

From the moment you learn your having a baby thoughts of decorating your kids bedrooms becomes an exciting reality.
Planning for furniture, deciding on color options, window treatments for light control, storage needs and of course a few toys!

A sweet beginning with a soothing nursery.
The nursery painted in just the perfect shade of pink will take you well into her next phase of life. Plus the accessories from the white window treatments, area rug, chandelier, ottoman and artwork will certainly grow with your child.

kids bedrooms
Image from, A Rustic Tennessee Home That Does White Right, wall paint color Intimate White by Sherwin-Williams.

My Tips #1
Be realistic about paint colors.
Choosing a soft neutral will give you many years of return on your invested time! However, even though this pale blush pink paint color above Intimate White by Sherwin-Williams is amazing … chances are that you’ll be painting again.

kids bedrooms
Intimate White from Sherwin-Williams

Then your child grows from infant to toddler to preschooler.
No more crib, the bed takes center stage!
The boy’s room below is just adorable! Great color palette, the bed painted in Rosemary from Sherwin-Williams really sets the design. And accessories including the bedding works so well with the white walls and warm flooring.

kids bedrooms
Image from, A Rustic Tennessee Home That Does White Right, wall paint color Bed paint color: Rosemary by Sherwin-Williams.

My Tips #2
Choose furniture that will grow with your child.
The bed above is a great example of a bed that has staying power.
Painted in Rosemary by Sherwin-Williams its perfect for the long haul or you can always paint it again!

kids bedrooms
Rosemary SW6187 Sherwin-Williams
Grade school ages may bring about a change for kids bedrooms but by middle school make no mistake you’ll be onto a new design aesthetic for sure!

Then the last big change from Middle School to High School your “young adults” room will truly morph into their vision.
Paint colors, bedding, memorabilia from School, pictures of friends, their room is their haven.

kids bedrooms
Image from

My Tips #3
Keep things fresh & updated … get ready for some editing!
Personality abides in this eclectic bedroom full of treasures plus key updates. You may need to pack some things away now. Editing the bedroom comes into play making room for current trends like an upholstered headboard or a new color scheme beginning with a gray paint color & white draperies.

The draperies below are from our shopping site Shown in a linen color these beautiful draperies are available in so many color options, and yes white is one of them!

2016 Paint Color, Linen/Cotton Draperies, kids bedrooms
Linen/Cotton Draperies from pictured in Pattern: Snap Color: Linen

My Tips #4
Last but not least …
So how to begin? Have a plan:)
Get your child involved. However if they’re not interested, no worries!
Begin with a color palette, just asking the question gives you a jumping off place.
Then gather images on pinterest.
Make a list of what the room needs like draperies, new bed & bedding.
Then order a few things or bring a few accessories home, before you know it their room will morph along with them.
But most of all have fun!

So glad you stopped in! ~ Nancy
be happy + be comfortable in your home
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