Outdoor Decorating Weekend Series II: 6 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor kitchens come in many sizes, designs & locations.
So today we’re exploring 6 outdoor kitchens. With kitchen ideas that brilliantly extend your indoor living space. And these outdoor kitchens are as unique as you are, from boho chic to modern farmhouse designs. In locations from a Brooklyn townhouse to a California beach home…

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While our homes may differ in size, style & location. These outdoor kitchen ideas inspire us to carve out a little extra space for outdoor entertaining.

First, a Boho inspired outdoor kitchen design.
With a more is more attitude this space exudes personality and a zest for entertaining.

outdoor kitchens
Image from HouseBeautiful.com, 20 Incredible Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Second, Cottage inspired outdoor kitchen.
Complete with Nantucket style cabinet doors. Plus a painted ceiling in Benjamin Moore Blue Springs.

outdoor kitchens
Image from HouseBeautiful.com, 20 Incredible Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Third, are you living in an urban area?
This Stunning Brooklyn Townhouse outdoor kitchen provides an entertaining hub all summer long!

outdoor kitchens
from www.dwell.com, A Neglected Brooklyn Townhouse Becomes a Home That’s Primed for Entertaining, Outdoor kitchen

Fourth, Modern Farmhouse outdoor kitchen.
This covered deck design provides one amazing space for an outdoor kitchen.

outdoor kitchens
from www.kbbonline.com, The Modern Farmhouse outdoor kitchen.

Fifth, Tight on Space?
Keep it simple with this chic beach house indoor/outdoor kitchen designed for fun!
Instant update: extend your indoor kitchen outside by adding a large window and a counter space.

outdoor kitchens
from HouseBeautiful.com, A chic California Beach House, Outdoor Dining

Last but not least …

An outdoor kitchen open concept multi use space that even includes a nearby garden.

outdoor kitchens
HouseBeautiful.com, 20 Incredible Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

So whatever your needs are for an outdoor kitchen we hope you’ve found a little inspiration here today. Please visit the links provided to get more insight into these amazing outdoor kitchens!

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