Perfect Pairing: Purple Paint Color Combinations

Since purple paint color options are among a trending group this year we get a lot of questions about them.
So what colors pair well with purple?
Just in time for some weekend painting … your paint color questions answered!

To begin with, Benjamin Moore and PPG The Voice of Color elevated a purple paint color to claim two top spots for 2017 color of the year.

So today we’ll look at those two purple paint color options with perfect pairing color combinations…
In contrast to one another, a deep purple paint color that provides a high dose of drama, while the lighter shade feels warm and carefree

First, Benjamin Moore Shadow a deep shade of purple.
Whenever you choose a deep color there’s a little touch of drama.
So what does that mean? Well, you need to select pieces that stand up to this rich color.

purple paint color
Benjamin Moore Shadow
purple paint color
Benjamin Moore Shadow
purple paint color
Benjamin Moore Shadow

Second, PPG The Voice of Color, Violet Verbena a gray-purple shade.
Overall, Violet Verbena has a warm & carefree vibe easily setting the stage as a backdrop for many accent colors.
Immediately you can see the array of accessory colors used in this boho style bedroom.
Finally, notice how all the color tones in this room are unified by the Violet Verbena accent wall.

purple paint color
PPG Violet Verbena (PPG1169-5) 2017 Color of the Year

My Simple Real Life Truth ~
While working with retail clients purple seemed to be one of those colors that either you liked it or you didn’t, not usually a middle ground there. So it really was not a go to color for most clients. But for me I’m going to wait and see if the purple trend moves forward or not.

So, thanks for stopping in ~ Nancy
be happy + be comfortable in your home

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