What’s a decorating vignette?

Another handy design tool is a vignette … but “what’s a decorating vignette?” Often times you’ll hear the term vignette used in decorating. All that really means is a particular arrangement within the larger design plan. For instance like a chair and end table with flowers on it would be a vignette within an overall room design.

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 Looking at a room in terms of a “decorating vignette” either after the plan is complete or in the design phases helps you to focus your attention on smaller details.

So in essence deconstructing the design plan into vignettes creates attention on those details that support the overall look and feel of your home decorating plan. At the end of the day I would have to say a decorating vignette is a super valuable decorating tool.

Below is an image of the HGTV.com Smart Home 2017 Great Room sitting area just off the main seating area.

decorating vignette
Great Room pictures from HGTV.com Smart Home 2017

So now here are a few vignettes within that area that help to support the overall decorating vibe of the space.

First the Wing Back Chair helps to anchor the sitting area.
Second, the color palette is right there in the vignette, Navy blue and white.
And third, the side table with coasters is a small decorating element but hugely important to the function of the space.
Fourth, the white draperies soften the large sliding glass door.
Fifth, and we can see that the bookcase is a beautiful backdrop for the furnishings.

decorating vignette
Great Room pictures from HGTV.com Smart Home 2017

Second, a view into the adjacent great room space.
First, the console table and accessories work to transition the spaces.
As well as supporting a personal yet casual feel for this reading nook with baskets, pillows a throw a plant and extra books.

decorating vignette
Great Room pictures from HGTV.com Smart Home 2017

Third, the bookcase.
This bookcase is a cornerstone piece for the sitting area both defining the space plus adding height and dimension.
Then the white ceramic collection brings in the color scheme while color coded book covers help to control the palette.
And together with a few simple sculptures the bookcase is complete.

decorating vignette
Great Room pictures from HGTV.com Smart Home 2017

So as you can see all these decorating details really add up, making a decorating vignette a valuable decorating tool.

And as a side note the paint color used in the room is by Sherwin-Williams Dovetail SW7018.

So thanks for stopping in and we hope you’ve left inspired! ~ Nancy
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